Scared Silly entry by Alex Velazquez

I’m starting a bit late here, so I’m keeping my entry simple yet effective. Basically I plan on modelling Frankenstein at a plastic surgeons office, getting a little work done… He’s looking in the mirror, feeling a little down on his appearance, maybe squeezing some fat around his tummy that he’s getting suctioned out. I thought I might make DR. Frankenstein making marker lines on him… But I may not have enough time for two characters… and I think it may be more effective if it is just him, and I convey where he is at in the enviroment.



I took my idea into Max for some pre-vis. Layed out my composition, used a biped for Frank

Then I thought hey I already have this biped to generally the proportions and pose I want… I can use it as a template to make my mesh in zbrush out of zspheres…

It worked pretty good… I had a devil of a time making fingers and toes… and had some problems with ioint resolution. All attributed to my lack of experience with zspheres… I figured this was not the time to learn how to use zspheres, but since the contest is about zbrush, I had to give it a shot. I exported a mesh from this and am going to refine it in Max, before I bring it back in for sculpting…




hehe original concept, i think if you drop the camera a little mor, you could really emphasise the scale of frankenstein, make him look kind of cramped in the surgery what kind of style are you gonna go for, a hyper real one or a more stylised munsters kind of thing

Hitch_ I am going for realistic texturing and rendering, but more stylized anatomy…
Got my base mesh finished and imported back into zbrush… still too lumpy right now… i




Wow fantastic start, :+1: I really like it. Really funny :laughing:

brilliant - and I like the idea - so everyday and simple :smiley:

With people doing this well, I wonder if I am just embarassing myself entering this competition.

Great work so far, keep it up!

excellent concept!

if i had time to participate i think, since Frankenstein is basically a patch work, it would be funny to have him detatching his limbs to try on various prosthetics… maybe like a bionic arm or leg, or different bolts in his neck… maybe he only takes metric, so U.S. units won’t work… errr… somebody feel free to run with this idea… lol.

good luck in the contest =)

It’s looking great, Alex!

Dustbin…if we all thought that way, there would only be a few entries. I don’t think I have a snowball’s chance in winning, but as NightWoodWolf’s quote says, “There is no failure, except in no longer trying”

Thanks fellas…
Small update:
Beefed up Franks proportions to about where I am happy… alot of work still to go. Feet, hands, wrinkles, bolts etc…
Got the health scale modelled out. And some other background details… Trick is going to be to get enough stuff in there to sell that it’s a surgical office, without overwhelming the compostion. I think the light with surgical knives goes along way to that. The before/after poster on the cabinet helps too. That image is temp BTW… I have to make something original for that.




pretty nice work

wicked man… i laughed my head off :smiley:

Small updates… Worked a little in max on detailing out the enviroment and a little in zbrush on the modelling and texturing of Frankenstein…







Great work and concept

It’s that jump from basic material mesh to textured render that makes me gasp everytime in this forum.

As I have said to many people in this competition so far, VERY well done! It’s looking great and can’t wait to see the final image!!!


Great update Alex. I love how he holds his fat, very realistic(familiar) look :smiley:
Stand alone model looks more interesting than in the environment though, probably because of the shader which emphasizes all the little details


Great concept and sculpting. Do you plan on adding more keloid scars around the wrists and ankles? Or did frankenstein already get those removed? :slight_smile:

Either way, great sculpting and progress.

Thanks guys… I think I am going to have to drop out of the contest here… I’ve seen more than enough entries to know I’m not winning this thing, so I’m going to give my hands a rest. I’ll probably finish this sometime and post it up in the main forum, but for now this’ll most likely be my last update here. Did some detail and texture work. His right side is not finished. Thanks for watching…





So unbelievably well done, my friend. Everything from his facial expression, to the light fuzz on his chest and the extra incision scar below his bellybutton. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Allot of people are dropping out as we get close to the end. I hope you finish it I really think the idea and the model are very funny.