Scared Silly by Remi Benoist

The Attack of the Giant Pumpktopus
A mix of a Giant Pumpkin with a Giant Octopus

Planned Model: The Giant Pumpktopus Software: Silo 2, Zbrush 3, PS

Can’t go wrong with that combo :+1:

Could be a great image only thing I would steer clear of is anything that could make it look Pirates of the Car. esque just my opinion :wink:

quick first pass at the Pumpktopus.



good start Remi!

started with zspheres, tweaked in Silo.
Added the stem in Silo.
Started blocking in Zbrush.

awesome work so far reminator !
Love your sketch too …

keep it up


mixed shaders for fun :slight_smile:

I’ll change the left side of the pumpkin, it’s not heavy enough.

pumpktopus attacks!

love the water tower idea!

That is a great idea! Great work so far!

Great idea and lovely sketch!

I prefer the coloured sketch oc’s shape to the model’s. The forehead slopes up into the pumpkin more appealingly.



heh, good point. Thanks for the fresh eyes :slight_smile:

Great creature Remi! The model is progressing along nicley and the concept of him attacking has brought everything together.

Regarding the color comp, you might think about making all of him orange like the pumpkin with some off color spots. Just a thought to enforce the idea that the pumpkin is part of him. Great work.


Gary’s Scared Silly Entry

tonight’s update
she’s starting to look pissed off…but why ? you’ll know soon enough :slight_smile:

nice work :+1: :+1: :+1: the big monster :evil:

good luck :slight_smile:

heehhe. this is cute… i love it…

I like very much the style and originality of the draw.
Good modeling work also! :slight_smile: :+1:

Looks pretty cool. The modeling of the bent and crumbling tower is very well done too.
I’m also curious as to why it’s mad as well.


“don’t go stealin’ my babies!!”