Scared Silly by Remi Benoist

i like it a lot is theree ome texturing to come?

oh!!! I love that finished! Really nice pumpkoktopus or whatever…Really interesting concept.

there is a color version, but I am afraid I will not have the time to complete the whole piece…
so bronze it is for now.

i also prefer the bronze render. it will be ahrd to win without texture bu still it looks great

Cool reminator! I love your Huge Creature! :wink: :+1:


Done! Thanks for the comments!
Well, that was my first zbrushing and I’ve learn a LOT. I have been standing on that fence for too long and 3.1 is perfect for me. Zbrush is a bit less scary now, I have started to tame the beast :slight_smile:

I am tired and I need to move on to something else, I want to learn more :stuck_out_tongue:
See you all soon!


really cool image. love the idea of it. very orginal

Congratulations! A good, solid image. Probably has more impact than a coloured version would have had, too.


This is an original concept and is done with clearly alot of talent. Shame you could not finish in colour, but I don’t think it matters as this is still a wonderful entry. Well done! :D:+1:

Name plate is a nice touch. Great work Remi!