Scale Offset Copy/Paste

Is there any easy quick way to Scale Offset Copy/Paste between two different subtools? I can not even copy the values with ctrl+c, it doesn’t work, and typing is a pain with a stylus.:roll_eyes: Then I need to type manually a lot of numbers and each time that I click a number with the stylus the slider goes nut and changes randomly the number. It only supports mouse really.

There was a cool plugin for doing this from Marcus Civis, but it doesn’t seem to be working in the current version of Zbrush.

This version of the plugin works for me. If this is the one you’re having problems with let me know. (Make sure you install in the ZStartup\ZPlugs64 for ZBrush 64bit. The new “Tool Export Values” sub-palette will be at the bottom of the Tool palette.)

Its the same version. I tried the 64 version, 32 and 4r6. Also using the option of saving to the disk and loading.
I tried also in another computer.

It appears, but it doesn’t work here. :roll_eyes:

Well that is very strange. It works on three different systems for me (Win Vista & 8.1 and MacOSX Yosemite) for me. Can you attach a file you’ve saved out, preferably with some values other than 1,0,0,0 ?


I just have tried in another computer, a cintiq companion. No luck.

this is the dat file. I simply duplicate the default star polymesh3d, moved and scaled.

ScaleOffsets.zip (138 Bytes)ScaleOffsets.zip (138 Bytes)

When you say ‘moved and scaled’ can you say exactly what you do?


I used the transpose. Also I double checked that the values of size and position of both subtools are different. Both are in the same tool but I tried also from different tools.

But that’s not what that plugin is for. It’s for copying and pasting the values in the Tool>Export sub-palette (which affects how a tool is exported).

If you want to copy and paste the values in the Tool>Geometry>Position and Size sliders then I will look into that but I remember that zscript gave some odd results when I last tried it. But I’ll have a go.

Ouch. Sorry, that explains why it didn’t work.

I would be really thankful if you get it working, as probably a lot of people. This would make matching sizes and positions between different subtools trivial. Now it is a messy task each time that you bring a subtool to move it around with lots of clicks.

No problem, ZBrush can confuse all of us, now and again. :slight_smile:

Try this. It will add a new sub-palette at the bottom of the Tool palette. Let me know if you encounter anything odd. I’ll add in saving/loading if it works OK. (Note that using with ZSpheres or parametric primitives will probably not work as expected.)

Update Aug 21 2015: I added buttons to Paste just Position and just Size values, and to set the XYZ positions to zero.

Position-Size03.zip (2.08 KB)

Same plugin but with buttons in the Zplugin palette: Position-Size-Zplugin.zip (2.1 KB)Position-Size03.zip (2.08 KB)Position-Size-Zplugin.zip (2.1 KB)

It works! That is really great :smiley:

Great, that’s good news. Thanks!

This is nice, Marcus previously you made a store/set position plugin, this seems to also add the scaling to it, is it working off the bounding box of the copied tool? Anyway it seems really neat and i’m already using it, thanks!:+1:

I wonder if would be possible to add two options to the existing one without removing the existing option, one for copy paste only size and the other to copy paste only position.
I’m importing lots of objects to my project and sometimes I need the position but not the size or vice versa.

It would be very much appreciated and I’m sure that will be useful for everyone else. :):slight_smile:

I updated it so you can paste the values separately if you want.

Just tested it. Fantastic!

And what about adding 3 buttons to reset Y, X, Z positions to 0 independently?
You probably should ignore me as I’m asking too much but this would make a real pleasure to move objects around without the mess that normally is. It is only worth if it can be integrated in the same menu as a way to centralize this type of operations. Obviously is possible to go to position and set it to 0 but the menu is far away and the stylus makes impractical to set it to 0, always is needed to use the keyboard and it is not possible to set a keyboard shortcut.

Yeah, why not? :wink: I’ve updated it again…

Works great! Thanks a lot. Easier now to organize multiple subtools.

Nice addition of allowing for size or position. Marcus if it’s not too much trouble could you make a version that would go in the plugin menu i find that scrolling from the subtool menu all the way to the bottom of the tool palette and back up again a bit dizzying. Thanks for this again!
Also thanks Altea for suggesting this neat script.

Well, I find very handy to be in the tool panel as I have this panel open nearly continuously, but I suppose it is a question of tastes and everyone has his needs. And also I have the Cintiq in vertical orientation giving me a long menu space.

I just have starting to use it for doing a model and it really helps. I have lots plugins of Marcus installed and they are really handy.