Scale Offset Copy/Paste

Would it be possible for you to make a short movie that describes what this Plug-in does? I have a feeling I could use something that captures one object’s data and transfers it to another. But I would love to see how one actually uses this.



I’ve added a version that has the interface in the Zplugin palette.


This plugin really doesn’t do very much. It simply allows you to copy the position and scale values from one subtool to another. Whether it’s useful for you depends on how you work. The values are those in the Tool>Geometry sub-palette (see attached image). Try adjusting the sliders to see what they do.Pos-size-plugin.jpg

Thank you so much Marcus!! works like a charm.

Hi, thank you, it’s greatly appreciated what you have done, Marcus.
Yet again you help the community by adding something useful.



Marcus, this tool of yours has just made my life so much easier! Got all these damn subtools that seemingly have different size/postions (I never altered these) and it’s been driving me nuts. Your tool has saved me SO much time. You total champ! Thanks man!

Still very useful even in 4R8. Thankfully it still works

Just registered to say thank you for saving me days of work.
It works in Zbrush 2019.
Amazing contribution.