Sandpiper's Sketchbook II

I had the urge to start up a new sketchbook since my original one is packed with outdated stuff and I feel like my skills have improved. :smiley: (I hope)

I’ve got some new goals with this sketchbook as I hope to add more anatomy studies, likenesses, creature doodles, etc.

To start off, here’s a fun alien bust I’ve been working on through a few lunches:




That is some beautiful work.

This is nice distribution of detail. I like it calm look, without furrowed brows, like it knew the true values ​​in life.

Great start! Love the last -closeup- image :+1: .

Nice work as usual Jesse! looking forward what the future will bring in this sketchbook.

Beautiful work…and good call on the new thread. I like to go through peoples threads to day one just to see how people develop. Just check out Cherubs thread to see how far people can go with zbrush

Looking forward to more

Insanely cool!, lot’s of tiny details that make this piece look epic! :+1:

that was an incredible design ! now i’m curious to see his body :slight_smile: i strongly think it would be great if it’s a kind of centaur or an elcor from mass effect serie :slight_smile:

Such a huge fan of yours, it isn’t funny. Fantastic, especially the bottom portion of the face, neck, etc. :+1: :+1:

Great job on the fine details. I like the distribution of bumps on the head and how they are integrated with the other details, it feels authentic. I also like the character’s expression and design as a whole. Just beautiful.

|Nice start sand … keen to see some updates :smiley:

Now lets see it textured? :smiley:

Very cool sculpt. :+1:

nice rough skin feeling to the whole piece

Whoa man! Totally rad! Super inspiring! Love the tertiary detail and also the face has a lot of character! :+1: :+1: :sunglasses:



That looks awesome very nice detailing! :smiley:

Dudes! Thanks for the support and kind words! I’m glad to see my new sketchbook is off to a better start. :smiley:

It was very freeing to work on this concept which started as a simple exercise and turned out to be something worth showing…that’s always a nice feeling. :wink: I’m not sure if I’ll really do much more with this guy though…

My wife has challenged me to make more beautiful things rather than monsters and such so I’ll be focusing my efforts on that. :+1:

woah. is it gonna get any better? haha.

if your wife challenge you to do more beautifull thing, why not try to create the beautifull body for his head that you shared ? ^^