Sandpiper's Sketchbook II

Ok, making a little commercial break in the sketchbook here to announce my new cgnuggetsvideo for April: Sculping the male torso.

We go over some anatomy diagrams to get to know the bone structure and musculature and then hop over to ZBrush to sculpt it out to a medium-res mesh. Next video (next week actually) we’ll take it to the finished level and add more detail. At this point, it’s still a bit of a work in progress and will get more refined as we finish out. :+1:





Hey great, thanks for this! :sunglasses:

More CGNuggets action!

Refining and Detailing the Male Torso:

And here’s the 5 minute preview:





Thanks a lot for the tutorials Jesse. This really helps. :+1: :+1:

nice work! :+1:

I wish I would have done this study with an actual head and arms as it would have been easier to get the foundation right but I’m calling this study done for now. Onto the next! :slight_smile:




Oh! You mean your going to stop spamming the Recent Threads rows with the same image promoting your $14.95/month tutorials?..good! :lol:

heh - yeah sorry, that was unintentional really. Just trying to show the subtle improvements on the anatomy development…not really about the tutorials at this point. Didn’t mean to spam anyone. :\

Hey there Jesse! Wonderful work as always. :slight_smile:
And I wanted to say congrats for your super awesome turtle warrior at CGHub.

Ignore zber, Jesse, he apparently just likes bearding the lion in his den. You’re a master. “Spam” all you want.


Impressive wrk!! specially torso sculpt.

Jess your lesson are well worth the time and the so called spamming. You are providing a great service to the zbrush community that no one is doing keep it coming Sir.

From a member of CGnuggets!

great piece of anatomy, worthy to follow :slight_smile:

Guys! please read my statement in the spirit it was intended. Ergo the LOL at the end. After all…there’s no such thing as bad publicity. :wink:

ps: see post #24.

no worries Zber. Even with LOL’s it’s hard to tell if you’re being laughed “at” :roll_eyes: or “with” :laughing: …heh

Thanks for the feedback guys - very encouraging! :+1: I’m looking to do an arm study this month.

I forgot to say thanks for the kind words Moni-Poroni! Thanks for dropping in!!

I wish I could show off the Turtle Barbarian to the ZBC world but I don’t think Mud stuff would be accepted here unfortunately. :smiley:

Yes, more cgnuggets stuff…some imagery from the second video in May

finished out the guys arms - poor guy is handless for now. :wink:




Hey there sandpiper, what’s up? Ace stuff as always, it’s interesting the way you marked the bony landmarks on the torso :slight_smile:

Really very amazing work, I love it.