This project was started to study ZBrush.
It was inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai (Japan is really haunting me :)).


nice style


Thank you, blakshep. I’m glad, you like it.

I think it´s outstanding!

Quite excellent! Really like the lighting and colors you chose.

Thanks for sharing!!

That’s a really sympathetic samurai you created there.:+1:

I really like what you have done with the cloth, looks excellent.

Kerstin, aminuts, Bimm the Stone, thank you for your kind replies!

Here are some close-ups:


Nice work here ! What a breeze of fresh air out of all those aliens !

My only crit would be the skin, a bit “fake” or plastic, but apart that, nicely done.

Bye !

Thanks, Davlin! I fully agree with you about the skin, it’s a serious drawback. I 've been trying to use fake-sss technique, described on this forum. And it seems I failed to achieve better results.

nice work … good detailing. :+1: :+1:

is it ready to animat or just for illustration.?

Really good work. I like it.

Fouad, it’s just for illustration (I’m going to print a poster). I’m not an animator (I wish I were :)). I’ve just started to pave my way to the world of 3D and this guy is my first finished creation.

Great job!
One of the nicest I’ve seen in awhile.
There are other things besides ghouls, goblins, etc.
Thank you

Excellent. Domo arigato … for the pleasure. Oh, and Seven Samurai - what a film !!!

I just loved this Samurai.
Really well acomplished.

Did you use any alpha library on the skin or made your own alphas? It looks very good.


Smashing portrait. :+1:

the cloth is really realistic but the face has a roundish feature to it that makes slightly childish and unreal…

:+1: :+1:

vlad74, bicc39, Craig Ward, thank you very much!

Craig Ward, glad to here you watched this film.

Djampa, thank you! I made my own alphas and used a pair of alphas made by Monstermaker

Moochie, thank you!

rtwolfenstein@hotmail.com, yes, he doesn’t look like a severe warrior.
Оne of my friends called him “too kind man”. Next samurai will be dressed up in the armour (O-Yoroi, if I’m not mistaken). The only problem is to find hi-res reference images.

Another sweet entry :+1:

Спасибо, Странник.