Samuel's Zbrush Adventure!

:slight_smile: points well taken! Thanks for bringing that truth to my attention! It’s funny how we can overlook the most obvious things. I’ll revise, study and re-sculpt! ^^ it’s been a pain having no Internet till after 6pm for the last few weeks though, most of my reference is just my imagination haha! I’ll look into getting some good anatomy books asap!

Ordered my first anatomy book today, Dynamic Anatomy - Burne Hogarth (should arrive within the week) but until then I’ve done my best to polish this girl up a bit, hopfully she’s anatomically sound. I still have a lot to learn and I’m excited to get started!! :smiley: enjoy
head and body are separate subtools, any good tips on hiding seams when there are no bumps to hid them in?

Started this after work today as a Dyna-sphere. taking a break from that human Anatomy stuff for now, but trying to apply what knowledge I learned from my experiments. she’s not perfect but I kinda like how she turned out :slight_smile:

Started making some Armour for the alien girl, thought I’d go for something a little fantasy medieval style.



Great way to concept an armor. :slight_smile:

some more Armour conception wip and fun stuff :slight_smile:

some more armour done, changed the design a bit in some areas. just a personal workflow and bain workout study.

Revisited an old project that needed some love. been studying anatomy a little bit, and put what new knowledge I’ve learned to use on this creature, covered most of it up with weird scaley things. but hopfully there’s a new sense of ‘life’ to the creature… maybe. :slight_smile: still a way’s to go.

hey nice stuff, work hard and improve your skills man:D

A creature that has been in WIP stages for waaay to long, I finally wanted to get him as near finished as I could for now :slight_smile:


Nice work man. i really like your anatomy sculpts. really nicely Done!..But i would like to point out that the forehead on the girl you made seems quite pushed back. maybe im wrong. anyway Great work .And keep it up.

You make a lot of really fun and interesting designs! They are enjoyable to watch grow. Thanks for posting!

Very Cool Sketch book, I enjoyed your original creations… :slight_smile: Keep up the good work

@Adam.Desjardins: Thanks! I thought it was about to time to try and learn a little more anatomy, I still have a long way to go, I think your right about the forheadk .And keep it up.

@Rykka: Thanks :slight_smile: I’m glad you like them! gives me inspiration to keep sculpting and posting more :stuck_out_tongue:

@blueferret: Thank you! Glad you like my creations, I’ll keep on keeping on!

A WIP character I started recently for PointPushers new Class! a whole back story goes with her but for now I’ll just post my progress :slight_smile:
fullbodfr.jpgfullbodrr.jpgcatface fr.jpg
catface othr.jpg
any and all crits welcome ^^

very clean work and she cvertainly has a lot of muscles in all the right places… you might consider putting an MA label on her, just a thought.

@blueferret, thank you, well it seems my purchase of Burne Hogarth Dynamic Anatomy was the right one :slight_smile: sorry, I over looked the MA lable, applied it now. but I don’t think she needs it any more. I made her some shiny armour ^^ enjoy.


ladycat iq.jpg

ladycat rear.jpg

ladycat side.jpg


I’ll try the hair again from scratch. wasn’t happy with the way it turned out :slight_smile: so did a bit of painting and tweaking the armour here and there, made a new head piece and fixed her up in a few places. Here’s the latest wip BPR’s. ^^

Looking great. I like the delicate armor … :slight_smile:

Cartoon Character Project with PointPusher! :slight_smile:
Inspired by the likes of BRAVE, will finish him up as a claymore wielding Celtic warrior guy, with a friendly side. concept of a beard completely changes his whole look, might play around with that a bit more. :slight_smile:

enjoy. :slight_smile: