Samuel's Zbrush Adventure!

Warrior girl Posed and BPR’d to the best of my ability. Started the Girl in Danny Williams class, added the sword and then Armour as a hard surface study with Paul Gaboury.

Created a new thread, as my Samuel’s Creature design, was not entirely creatures anymore and I think I’ve come a long way since I first started. so this thread I’ll try and keep less wips more finished or close to finished pieces.

(Hi-res) I hope you like her ^^

Straightened her up a bit, so she’s not about to topple over :stuck_out_tongue:






Very cool. Great job. My only suggestion would be to do a render where she is standing up straight. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:


Thanks, glad you like it. standing straight, you mean in T-pose? or just less angle to the camera?

No I didn’t mean T pose. I was referring to the angle of the camera. It looks great now. I love it.


A project I’m working for a personal exercise. :slight_smile:

now thats one tiny image ;f i like the colors, im not sure about the sculpt itself

haha yeah, it did turn out a bit tiny, glad you like the colors. not sure on the sculpt because it’s to small to see? or not sure on the design of the face? I can put a bigger image up without colors. :slight_smile:

hahah - didn’t connect the head to the body over at lunchcrunch. like even better now. once you polypaint the whole thing it will be amazing. i like the weathered wood + meat feel of the colors.

Didnt have time to make a longer response earlier, but now that you [posted a full pic i will point out few things ;]
Thigs that feel of on the head are definitely his neck muscles and hes head tail thingy, give it more definition with deeper cuts and more inflated thingies, like each form is trying to spill over the next one. or maybe instead of making it go thinner as it goes make the opposite, making it thicker as it goes, to make it a bit more interesting
also that tiny pair of eyes feels too small, i would get rid of it all together, i think 6 eyes would look better.
Another area i dont really feel is hes chest and torso, mostly that aditional pair of human liek hands, feels out of place, and his upper chest muscles feel kind bumpy. Instead i would get rid of that additional hands, maybe change them to some stumbs at the bottom, and give him long chest muscles reaching half his torso or lower. Also his forearms muscles feel a bit bumpy.
Overall i really like the detail on the head and his legs. You shoudl think of maing his chest in similar way

Hey, nice model! Looks like a promising start for the textures.

@magbhitu, thanks man, now I’ve got the artistic direction of the head, I think the body should start shaping up nicely.

@slocik, Thanks for such an in depth critique man :slight_smile: I will take your suggestions into careful consideration. I still have a lot to learn about anatomy this is true, the sculpt was started as just a quick speed sculpt to help exercise my brain, I will re-work the anatomy in arms and chest so its more believable. :slight_smile: I see what you mean about the smaller human arms, they play an important role in his back story though (lol) but stumps might also work… or I can try blend them in to the same style as the rest a bit smoother.
I take it you are referring to the 2 small front eyes? I added those as an after thought, to make it more like arachnid, but I agree and think 6 eyes is better, a bit more different and creepy.

@Lateralus86, Cheers, glad you like.

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Added some more points of interest in the head tube thingy. got to playing around with Q-remesher, did some re-topo and made the mouth bag so I was able to figure out how the mouth would actually work, Anatomically those jaws don’t exists. (to my knowledge) so if any one has any reference as to how they would theoretically work and diagrams of what muscle structure would support a double hinged jaw, it would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

That Demon is Super Awesome, love the head design especially.
The gem is well done also.
Great stuff.

One question. (Maybe I am thinking about it too seriously, it is a demon … I think). If this thing was to eat, the food would fall through the bottom?
I tried to design something with a mouth like this, thinking about how it eats etc. It’s a totally different creature, but maybe I willl be inspired by what you do here… again great stuff.

Very cool models! Split jaws like this do exist though, snakes have them (not sure if it’s all species or just some of them though).




@InkySpot: Thank you sir, glad you like them :slight_smile: you are probably right, I imagine he would be a very messy eater. I’d have it so the maw on his throat is able to stretch out a fair bit to catch any crumbs. :slight_smile:

@Horganovski: you are so correct! how did I forget about snakes!!? lol thank you for that, I’ll get to researching the anatomy of how they work.

A personal study of the human face, she’s gone through a few facelifts since I started out, but here is my wip up to date, I would like to hear what any one can instantly point out as incorrect so I can better my anatomical knowledge :slight_smile:

And a quick (1.5 hour) sculpt I did for lunch crunch of a generic ogre/troll type character :slight_smile:

I decided it was time I did an anatomy study. I made a verrry rough skeleton out of Zspheres, just as a frame to place t muscles on. Using the Anatomy figure that ships with Zbrush as reference, as my Internets been down so I had no google for reference D: she’s still a bit more “bulky” than I’d like, but I thought I’d post my progress up here for any crit, all is welcome. I really want to get my Anatomy knowledge more polished. :slight_smile: Still still a lot of refining to do, I’m mainly aiming for the important flow of the surface muscles, hands and feet are still pretty much untouched. :slight_smile:

Today I did my best at converting all the muscles to skin, and giving her some paint. how’s my anatomy?
2female anat.jpg


Without getting into details, you can’t go from muscles to skin simply like that. Think about fat which is everywhere between muscles and skin.
Think about weight, curves, don’t get too technical.
Do your studies from solid references, I mean real or photographic references, not only cg models.
Buy some books, google and zbrush aren’t the only solution :wink:

Keep studying, it’s gonna pay ^^