Sachin's Sketchbook .

Hi everyone, I have been secretly following Zbrush Central since 2013, and was getting motivated from all the super talented Artists around the world. And this is gonna be my first upload on ZBC. This is a Character which I created for Lakshya Art Challenge 2016. This venture paved the way for me to explore the best of Zbrush . I’ve gone through new tools and learnt new techniques which I haven’t been using before . I created this model in Zbrush and polypainted it and rendered in Zbrush , and composited in Photoshop. Hope you all like it.


Very nice Sachin…Keep up.

Thanks a lot for the appreciation Anshuman Bhaiya .:wink:

good one dude u nailed it

Here’s a render on my Orc rendered in Maya with Arnold. Hope you all like it. :wink:




This is cool, nice render.

Thx a lot Anand Bhai.

Hi folks ,

I am really glad to share my new 3d sculpt with you guys.This is a fan art of the great 8x Mr. Olympia ‘BIG’ Ronnie Coleman which i did on my free time and really had much fun. The main beauty pose reference which I used is a signature pose of the ‘KING’ Ronnie at the 2005 Mr.Olympia. Basemesh used was the default ‘Nickz_humanMale’ basemesh , and the posing and sculpting part is fully done in Zbrush, where the Cape was simulated in Marvelous Designer, Photoshop for compositing the beautyshot and the Keyshot for the Turntable. I hope I can 3d print it some day. And I would like to thank my friends , mentors for their legit feedbacks, and nevertheless my wife for her immense support.

Here’s a turnaround video link of Big.Ron without the accessories.


Hope you all like it !!!


Here’s the signature pose of the year 2005 which I used as a reference for my sculpt.

A better quality render.

These are the render passes I used for the final beauty shot composition .

Here’s the Character Sheet in Zbrush .

Another Capture from Keyshot.
All-View 2.jpgComparisons.jpg






All-View 2.jpg


looks great

stunning work …

Awesome work brother. nice anatomy study. all the best :smiley:
cloth came out v.nice.

Great work Sachin ,Nice anatomy & justice to the reference image. Keep it Up :+1:

looking superb dude you nailed it.:+1:

Thanks a lot Ajai , Saif , Tushar, Mazhar and Anshuman bhaiya… I’m so glad you all like it. :slight_smile:

Awesome work man !!

That is some really outstanding work! :+1:

Thank you so much Webhead :slight_smile:

Thank you Shibin :slight_smile:

You Nailed it. Bro.

Thanks a lot Heirangkhongjam .