R'Zalka - DW3 entry

Hi everyone!

Here is my Dominance War 3 entry. That was such a great experience, every character artists should do this competition once in their life!
That was intense, but at the end I’m glad I finished this character in time.
I hope you like her, and thanks a lot for looking!










>> http://dl.free.fr/ouzbdSg2J/RZalka_Turnaround.avi <<













Ahhh…the honour of being the first to react.

I like it a lot. Because there’s some very natural spontaneity in this.

The only thing I like less, but that is very personal and has nothing to do with the quality of your work or concept, are the two spear blades. Not only the brightness puts too much emphasis on them, and the “reduce” this work to an illustration of the type we all have seen too often and know too well.

I personally would make the blueish and non-glowing so that the attention is not drawn by a prop but by the characters and their boastings and negotiations.

This said, the characters and their pets are really sublime. There is even a kind of humour in them, and in their attitudes/posing.

Thanks for posting this. To me it’s one of my all-time favourite entries here.


this is incredible! definitely my favourite DW3 entry!
thats about all i can say, no crits here whatsoever!
all in zbrush? or did you use in conjunction with maya/max etc?

Great job goldo_O the textures are really amazing :+1:

whi isn’t it in tow rop yet? :wink:

amazing work on model and textures, the diffuse one simply rocks!

Wow! What a lot of work. Very cool concept, I enjoyed looking over every pixel/pixol of it. Top Row. Awesome!

Cool sea monster dude. I like the feeling of the head. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

really love this one! Excellent finish :+1:

Very good Rhythm in this.

It all flows well and makes you look it over a few times just to see if you missed anything.

The spear heads are a little bright but in underwater shots You have to grab the audience with something.
After all people have a 3 sec attention span with art. And a 1 sec attention span for digital art;)

Must place shiny objects in piece whenever you can;)

Mortel !
Great job !
What kind of software you use to render this in realtime ?

Meanwhile I found your FAN movie (Google is my servant). Must say it was funny, charming and very well done.

One problem though: What codec to I need for the turntable avi? I have Zoomplayer pro which normally eats about everything, but this one won’t digest…

wow, this is amazing ! Inspiring !

Long time ago, since i`ve seen such wonderful phantastic characters in this expressionistic pose.

Congrats !

King regards,

wow dude! fantastic work! :+1:

Come on, guys… Give those slippery fishes some mountain air ! Earned it.
:eek: :eek:

Very impressive work! 5 stars. :+1: :+1: :+1:

wicked ass render man…i love the concept, sculpt, texturing, and lighting. it actually took me a second or two to figure out it was an in game mesh. with that topic in mind, i wonder if you could post a bit about your process…particularily with the lighting, shading, and rendering.

either way, really slick job man…

schweeeeeeeet! :+1: 5*

Wow, very cool! Props!

Reaaaaally good! :+1:

really good!!! top row baby! :+1: :+1: :+1: