R'Zalka - DW3 entry

Outstanding work here. :+1:

I feel very lucky to have been there from the birth of this character to the end. Amazing work as usual. 5 stars from me! oh yeah excellent layouts!


I really love the rythym of forms and the flow of this piece the weapon is very creative also. do you mind if i ask how you went about creating the weapon and getting forms to wrap around like that?

Congrats on top row it is well deserved… :+1:

This is totally my favourite DW3 entry. I love everything about the model and all the elements feels they belong to each other. Awesome! Beautiful sculpt and amazing attention to details. Very very inspiring. Great work dude!


Congrats for the top row ! you deserve it !

Great job! The concept, the details, the render all great!

nice work, i love the final render, its locks everything together so nice!

yep i have to agree with Dtran, it was nice to see this from start to finish dude, amazing final result! So when you win dominance war take the money and take us out for drinks. lol

keep doing what your doing :slight_smile:

I don’t normally go for fantasy creatures, but I really like this entire concept and image, so I had to comment. I have to say, the DW3 entries have really impressed me, especially since I don’t even know what DW3 is…but this is by far my favorite so far.

You’ll get my 5 stars.

this is a beautiful entry in DWIII, amazing work!!

That work is a pure win, i find no wrods to say how good it is ;]

awesome work here!!! great design on the character, and love the colors!

A wonderfully creepy and beautiful work. Congrats!

awesome design for the mermaid face!
congrats! :+1:

Amazing design and attention to details. Definitely one of my favorite DW entries… 5 stars =)

Very nice concept and execution, very creative. :wink:

Very cool creature!
What material did you use for the zb screen shot?

amazing work, this is truely inspiring to me, great textures.

Just WOW, this is an amazing work.
I am deeply impressed. Thank you for sharing…

its amazing !