Russian (breakdown Pg 3)

Syrus, thank you!
Gusss, thankyou! Congratulations on the top row, too!
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Hi All!

Here a small illustration to my work. Using brushes InsertMesh.




Beautiful sculpting! Congrats on making the top row! Well-deserved. :+1:

nice image! the skin looks very red and delicate, almost like a newborn baby. i would reccommend adding some greens and blues into the skin to make it more lifelike.

Finally TR :wink:

Congratulations Andrei.

Krasota to kakaya - Lepota!

You are very talented. Congratulation. Only one thing I don’t like. She’s hand. Did you think she have to old hard working hand? She have hand of old woman.
I know she lives in the countryside. She working hard… so sorry that I “get smart” about these hands. So it hit me.

This work is fantastic! and congratulations on the top row! I did spend some time looking at it and trying to figure out all the technique and hard work behind each detail. The render and pose are very appealing too… impressive! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Cool stuff .

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Your recommendations I will apply.
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Marekf3h, thank you! I will try to do hands younger!
Pablander, thank you very much! Your studies in the world zbrash very impressive! I watch closely your work!
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Exceptional work Andrei. Also THX for the insert breakdown. If you don’t mind; what is the polycount in KS? THX again.

very cool!~

Have you published the InsertMeshes somewhere?

Frenchy Pilou, thank you!
Brushes I made as necessary during operation, they are quite simple, so I did not publish them.

Her face is lovely. Beautiful work!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Feels Russian character. This is another quality 3D-modeling.

mr grandmother was russian came over in ww2 i remember seeing images of her great grandmother in clothes like these,fantastic mate absolutly love it

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Friends, thank you for your interest in my work!

Hi All!

The final version.




awesome details! absolutely stunning work