Russian (breakdown Pg 3)

Hi All!

Young Russian noblewoman.

The traditional costume.
Headdress - kokoshnik. Beaded, beads and precious stones.
Jewelry - earrings and bracelets made of ancient art filigree - thin twisted wire made of silver and gold.
In rich princely families dress (sundress) were made of Byzantine brocade, it shows the wealth and prosperity.

Modeling in ZBrush, render KeyShot.


I hope that you enjoy…

great job as always andrei.love her.also really nice shader for the skin.that’s a bit hard in keyshot:D

amazing work , details are incredible my fav

Holy s&!%! That is amazing! I would love to see how you set up the Keyshot material for the lady. Great drapery too.

I can’t believe how many details are here. There are even litle strings of fibermesh here and there vissible only when you zoom in close. Ornaments, so many ornaments, wow! And the pose to. This is one of best work i have ever seen. Im sharing this, this can’t go unnoticed.

Diablo, thank you!

TomatoVFX,thank you!

Carver, thank you!

King Tomislav, thank you!

Thank you, friends, for your interest in my work!
Here are some more of the working material.




classy and beautiful representation. Amazing detailing.

Andrei, matchless work! Perfect, flawless performance and stunning detail.
Feast for eyes.

Only the Top Row!!!

Very nicely done! you must be very patient, to work on all those tiny details! it all came together very lovely!!

wow, that is an amazing sculpt! very inspiring! … only one nitpick, if i may, her hand looks more of a hand from a much older woman. but anyway, great sculpting, wonderful attention to detail and form!

Incredibly well detailed and beautifully done Andrei.

Johnchen, thank you very much!

Lexxx69, thankyou! Your words are very pleasant for me!SummehSAMURAI, thank you!

Kokoro, thank you very much!
I used GoZ to carry model Zbrush in Keyshot.
This fine details are lost. I do not know why. So I made a hand with greater elaboration.
Most of all I need to change the computer.:smiley:

Dillster, thank you!

Wow, your detailing skills are of the hook, you get 5 stars from me!!! Could you explain how you get the crisp details on your figure?

nice :o

Wow.the details are just magnificent! Great result!

d’Artbot, thank you!

Klicek, thank you!

SolidSnakexxx, thanks for good words!

Fell in love the moment I saw this sculpt. AMAZING!!

Wow! Andrey, krutiful!!! Molotok!

seriously, i was screaming at my computer cause i just cant handle how good this is. Awesome man! Iwish my computer was more powerful to handle that much detail.

Ok. This is one of the toppest Top Row i’ve seen for a while.
Nicely done fabric and folds and lovely face easily gets forgotten by this mind blowing work you put into jewelery.
Thanks for shairing!
See you soon in TR.