Runcher's Sketchbook.

My old work. 3DSK person. :slight_smile:



Skin pore feeling is pretty good~~ nice facial impression~~

Promising start to your sketchbook. :+1:

I second that, cant wait to see more :slight_smile:

keep posting man, great work:)

Thankyou~~~~~~~~:sunglasses: :slight_smile:


basic body~~ working~~~:+1:


Working~~~ :slight_smile: Thanks for watching. Have a good day~!

Very nice, really like this last post, style and posture suites the character… Kudos !!! :smiley:

Final Image. Dynamesh , Polypaint , BPR.


사본 -CharacterStrip.jpg

WOW! this is really beautiful. Congratulations friend:+1:

Great work!

marvellous! so much humanity in that face!

Great sculpt! :wink:

What an expressive face on your Julia sculpt! Beautiful. I think your sculpt of her looks healthier than she actually does. Very nice! :+1:

Very cool stuff here, may I inquire what your process was on the hair for the first post? Thanks please keep posting looking forward to more

Lovely … looks very painterly! :smiley:

Best, David

She is lovely, great work!:+1:

awesome face
is that the zbro material?

Thankyou :). I saw this model’s another photo after work. Very diffrent… :frowning: