Run with this Mesh (Starter Mesh) for comics

Ok been seeing alot of Comic heros on the pixol forums so I wanted to do something sorta like that for a future lesson in the class.
Problem is I wanted everyone to be sorta on the same page and not get hung up on (This thing won’t sculpt right.)
Because we all know its ALL ABOUT THE CANVAS!! so I made this sculptable starter mesh for comics. It has the proportions layed out from an old school comic chick.

So I thought to myself “hmmm” "I bet the pixol peeps would like something like this also.

So here it is!

Of course you are not limited to a comic chick, basically I just wanted a few new people to test this mesh out and see if they can find something wrong with it.

So post your results!!!

Heres an exsample of what I was thinking as an old school comic chick also.



thanks canned! i gotta try this one out!

i think i’ll give it a shot, just have to figure out who to make…

Okay jason i’m going to make U-GO Girl.
DId you intend on the mesh having boots? i barely even noticed they were there.
Also just from my own workflows i think there may be too many polys in the hands, but what do i know right?

U go girl huh

U-Go Girl, a blue-skinned, redhead, narcoleptic teleporter who was once romantically linked to Zeitgeist and then to Orphan.

No I’m not that big of a nerd i used Wikipedia;)

Narcoleptic super hero;) Nice

You’ll like those polys when it comes down to transposing :wink:

So far so good at my end of testing the mesh. But we will see;)

You’ll like those polys when it comes down to transposing :wink:
only if i was going to transpose at this level, which i could do for the body, but the fingers could’ve been posed at the second subdivision.
as it is right now all those extra polys in the fingers makes it more difficult to sculpt them with the mov brush. also its very strange the way the thumb enters the palm of the hand, should be more distance me thinks.
i’m not trying to argue with you btw but you did say you wanted to know what we thought.
oh and more geometry for the ear, unless you want us to edgeloop it. i’m trying not to change the mesh you gave, although i deleted the boots.

Okay here’s where i’m at so far, only had a few hours to work on it, my wife had homework:D . this is not how i’d normally make a woman but i’m trying to stay close to Mike Allred’s style. It still needs lots of work.
Issues that i’m having involve the poles at the hips/buttocks, the weird flow at the neck and of course the lack of loops/polys at the eye’s,ears,mouth. As it is right now its at 289,280 polys and the hands alone account for 126,946 of them, thats nearly half, this is why i said earlier that there were too many polys at the first division, all those extra polys could be more where they are needed.
I have to say its difficult to not oversculpt and attempt to make more realistic and trying to stay within the comic book art.
Hopefully by tomorrow i’ll be finished.




Ya I agree it does make it harder without the facial details.
I sorta wanted to promote an opened mesh that had no set in stone features.
Hopefully when the activity is done it will show students how usefull having topology in some locations is. But I’m also getting sorta used to not having all the loops and stuff. It does make for a fast startup on a character. Your doing an awsome job space with the material I gave. Heres mine I worked on a little. Went for the whole 90ish comic style with the huge hips that could crush a man. And the wonderfully small head that never matched the body lol. Should be pretty cool. I’m thinking Lady Death maybe.

Should we use Subtools in this space?


i have to agree that when i’m starting a sculpt that i dont like to have the edge loops either, they get in the way, but usually add them later.
i guess i was waiting to see what your rules were for this thread/challenge. if its cool with you then i will add the loops just to make my life easier.
and definitly subtools, of course things like gloves/boots and skintight outfits don’t really need to be. but hair/eyeballs, weapons etc should be, unless you’re wolverine;)
you know my first thought was to do deathstrike, but avoided it cause of the subtool issue, then i thought warlock, but i’d be here for the rest of my life adding that circuitry. hehe.
your model is looking good too, i think the triceps could use just a tad more mass.
man she almost has Art Adams thighs, now those could kill you by Snu Snu, thats for sure.

Lets say this we drag in anything we want to the outfit but the base mesh cannot be changed on the comic mesh. Just no outside programs. on the outfit. Must be pure Zbrush.:wink:

Color not required. We’ll go the hail mary make a statue play on this, with material from our library

Snu Snu lol
Have you been reading the latest X-men space (yes I collect comics world now you know)

The art in the newest xmen messiah complex is sweet

Hmm, i know for a fact, considering the hands are half of the polys, that on my machine i wont be able to go high enough to do the eyes well enough. So you’ll have to let me cheat, i wont do edge loops, but instead cut up the mesh so the hands are say, one level lower than the body, and the head maybe one level higher than the body. Is that acceptable?
Other apps, hahaha who needs them right?
I rarely can afford comics, last i read was BPRD1946, the writing on marvel books is terrible, i’m only making U-GO Girl cause i respect Milligan and Allred.
But i will look into that xmen messiah.

Sounds like a plan to me;)

okay just for the hell of it i’m attempting to not cut up the mesh (although with the hands that might change).
so what i’ve done is an abuse of the reproject subd function. normally when you use this you go down one level and it will move your geometry a small bit, even it out, if you go to the lowest level it does it more.
but what i like to do is go to the lowest level and using the move brush really push those vertices into the areas where i need them, the low poly mesh gets really ugly when you do this, but whats cool is you hit reproject and bam your model looks the same but you’ve moved that topology where you need it, you really can be quite extreme with this.
heres my example, i moved evertying from the sides and top of the head onto the face, i may even move the whole back of the head into the ears considering that her hair will cover that anyway.(the faces look at bit different cause i did somemore sculpting)
i’m running into a problem with sticking a sphere in the eye sockets, because the way Allred draws eyes they are not really fitting around a eyeball, so i may have to distort it a bit.:wink:
can’t wait to see where you’re at, also please share more of what you’re learning by tweaking it.
its interesting that 59 people downloaded your mesh but only the three of us are even trying to do something it.




Dont use a sphere inialize Zbrush and run this scriptThen Divide it a few times. These Spheres are awsome to make stuff with and you wont have any fear that they won’t reconstruct sub d at the end.

In fact I prefer them over Zspheres now cause in the end I usual retopo stuff anyway, They have a large change from 1 to 10 in sub D so you can really be creative.

Is the upper Right one in the Picture the result of the Re-project?

yes the models on the right are the after reproject and the ones on the left are the before, just wanted you to see how much you can really move it about.

i’m not really sure what you’re talking about with this polysphere and how its better than zspheres, especially for making a figure, but i’m just misunderstanding you. Strange thing, when i ran the script(doh just realized its a macro) it did this thing where my screen flickered, i tried it several times and it kept doing it, i’ve never had that happen in zbrush before, so i think i may stay away.

Heres an update Just blocking in the forms now Been working alot so I get a whole 30mins a day it feels to work on her;)

The hair is made from a sphere from that macro
Normal Spheres out of Zbrush have a triangle pole at the end of them, that macro makes a sphere out of quads.

Heres an Exsample




" In fact I prefer them over Zspheres now cause in the end I usual retopo stuff anyway"
heres where you confused me you said “zsphere” not zbrush sphere primative. i never use that cause of the poles as you’ve just said.
want to hear something weird, i used the polysphere that is default and made only 3 edits with the move brush to one side, and no matter what i tried i could not get it to resym, all the tricks didnt help.

Well here’s where i’m at right now, the only part that i will say is done is the skirt. I’m going to resculpt the gloves, then add slight detailing to the shirt, body, and sculpt the boots and hair. As much as i’m growing to like the face it doesnt really remind me of the way she looks in the book so i’m probably going to change it again which i’m sure will take me some time. i love how i think some projects will be small and quick turn into bigger ones once i begin to obsess.


Very sweet Space
I am in paperwork hell at the moment so all i got to do is concept the outfit for lady death.
Everything Black will need to be made into Geometry


Sorry I’m not as fast as I usually am at this
(Wanted Secretary to do Mindless Stuff so Artist can play in Zbrush)

Great model i’d like to see it textured :+1: :+1: