Rouhollah Toghyani's ZGallery

farhadnojumi, thank you, i like your style
SammehSAMURAI, thnx for kind words
scottleroc, thanx man

now some wip shots and insert brushes to share :wink:

3 insert brushes that i created and used for this project including gem insert brush, Fourragere creator, and ornaments

viewport wireframe


zbrush head sculpting


zbrush head polypainting, no photo projection


hello again, new shot, i just increased DoF blurriness and sharped details on his face

Top row stuff for sure! Great model, textures and render!

Hello all, this is my last experiment with sculpting a head, texturing and rendering the skin . I used zbrush to sculpt the model and styling the hairs. textured in Mari and rendered using Arnold-MtoA. I also tested it in different lighting setups. hope you like it. cheers


Awesome work Rouhollah, specially like the old soldier!

Looking forward to seing more!

Besyar Aly.
az didane karet lezat bordam.

looking great. i like your skin shader that u worked on your project

hello all
this is my last personal project i did in my spare times, i started sculpting a sphere without any concept and finally came across this guy. after resurfacing and texturing it i start to testing some haircuts. thanks to the zbrush fibermesh now i can experiment with different hair styles almost in a minute. I style my fibermesh using groom and other brushes while frequently changing fibermesh automasking curve. then i export them as guide curves for cumbing and clumping in my hair node graph (i used yeti for hairs). rendered using Arnold and composited in Nuke. hope you enjoy



let me be the first to say WOW :wink:

This should be top row IMHO

Could you share some screen shots of your render settings, lighting setup, and shader setup? Thanks

Fantastic! all your pieces speak volumes! great stuff! but I especially like your final piece so much character and personality in that expression kudos!

Awesome render & sculpt :+1:

Great job!! I really like how this turned out! Congrats!

Very cool, gotta try that fibermesh as guides thing, great results

Nice work.

hah! awesome sculpt and beautiful render! very cool hair too.

Lovely work , ‘Room of Memories’ is my personal favorite - great blend of caricature and realism :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

looking great , really i enjoyed whit your work. Good luck mate :+1:

Amazing work! The hair is exceptional, too. Styled very natural.
A real pleasure to see!
Have you thought about posting some tuts? If you can, please do.

haha very cool portrait Roholah!love the skin shader aswell.

thank you guys and gals for your kind words
here i want to shed some lights on my hair pipeline as i asked to do. btw i want to write a making of for this project includes shading and texturing too.
lets get started with a diagram and the concept behind the hairs behavior. i hope it’s clear

now at the actual pipeline, groom a fibermesh on your model, when grooming just think about hair flow, no clumping here. add some flow variation to some fibers. variation is the key always.

export your fibermesh data as curves into maya. we want to use them as guid for combing and clumping.