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hello folks
i did this piece for international Tehran biannual of cartoon character design section. i tried to replicate old photographs taken in iran and classic persian oil paintings. all the stuffs was sculpted textured and rendered in zbrush and final compositing and color adjustment in photoshop. I’ll share some WIPs soon. hope you enjoy :wink:



interesting piece. I like the style. nice detail with the hena on her hands.

Hi Ruhollah :slight_smile:

I really like this work of yours alot…Great style and technique you have going on in your work, and a great job done on this piece also…Luv the cheshire smile on the cat…nice contrast to the more subtle facial expression on the woman…really like her facial expression and the look that you captured in her eyes…Also excellent job on the fabric, the composition, and the color scheme throughout the piece…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)
Really looking forward to seeing more of your work in here…:slight_smile:


Cool! that cat creeps me out.

thank you all guys :slight_smile:
passes i used + depth and mask:


another old work i did for my personal portfolio, sculpted and textured in zbrush rendered in softimage mentalray

GREAT Style, and piece…Captures what WAS his character perfectly.:+1:small_orange_diamond:D


They are very cool but very ugly too!! haha:+1:

hello all
today I shared my latest personal project in creating realtime characters. all parts- organic and hard surface was sculpted in zbrush 4 r3 and realtime renders done in Marmoset Toolbag. hope you like it and waiting for your useful feedbacks , thnx :wink:

realtime render#1

realtime render#2

realtime render#3

realtime render#4

high-poly zbrush render#1

high-poly zbrush render#2




Great work on the suit and the gaddafi is hilarious :D!
only complain would be the face of the soldier looks a bit like stiff and I think the eyes are a bit too far appart from each other. Keep up the good work :+1:

thank you Jagoro for feedback, i think you are right and I’m not happy with the head and skin material too, i’ll try to fix this

hello folks:cool: it’s my recent personal project i like to share with you. maybe it’s somewhat different from great works you see here because it comes from my culture. a Persian old soldier in his room of memories. for me this project had a bunch of new techniques that i think i can’t never know well otherwise doing it in such a project. from some modeling tricks to lighting and rendering in mentalray, even softimage ICE !!! like always zbrush played an important role, sculpting the head and hands, retopologizing it using added great retopology tools- absolutely a godsend for me, and polypainting. also i used multimesh insert brush curve mode activated to create some props like fourragere and chain that of course i’ll share with you
anyway i hope you like it and put some useful feedbacks on it. thank you


in hd size

i like this grayscale version

i’ll shared some wip and my insert brushes soon :slight_smile:

Really good work. You have captured the character of him perfectly.

This image is pretty epic. Nice work. Lots of cool stuff to look at. If I were to offer a crit, it would be on the posture of the figure. He doesn’t quite look like he’s sitting there. More like he’s kinda squatting down. I think if you put more weight and gesture in his pose/posture, it would really help sell the design of the great character you’ve come up with, adding more personality and emotion, and maybe narrative .

Good job.

such a beautiful work man!i love the face and asymmetry of it.if i would doing any critic i think the cloth need a little more love both in modeling and mainly texturing!also some post process of levels or color correction make this piece more great! congrats for finishing great piace man!

Very cool comp and render, great work. Maybe if i could advise you about one little thing, it would be to create a sharpen mask (with photoshop) on some part that need to be detail, like face, hand, and maybe his military decoration. It’s only my point of view^^.
By the way nice work !

vlad74, thank you
fattkid, thank you for ct and I think yes the sitting pose could be better
3mm, I tried to combine real and pixar look in the character, maybe if there is some simplicity its because of it, thnk you for your feedback and you’re amazing man :slight_smile:
thnk you Felon2, i intentionally blured and add a little noise to gain feel of movie, but i want to test what you said anyway

it’s GREAT Ruholah !
i like it

I really enjoy your style! great looking characters with a lot of personality! :slight_smile:

some really nice stuff here, well done to you sir :slight_smile: