Ron's Jewelry Sketchbook


Thought I’d post my sketches I do during the week in preparation for each week of Tomas Wittelsbach’s jewelry design course~

Week 1 Hand in

I suck at display images. From left to right top to bottom: Front Side Bottom Top

These are in sets of 2. Each set is the front and back of each ring and are placed on top of eachother.

4 Bands here

And the ring I made during the webinar. - Top Side Bottom Front




those are awesome

Here are today’s works~ I have no idea how much of this detail would carry through casting but it would be nice if everything did~

Yesterdays work~ Going to focus on removing some detail from now on. I tend to look at a piece in parts rather than as a whole design.

Here is the result of changing that~

And then not so much. As always - Top Side Front

Fixed the bottom of the shank on the first ring~ Not sure if it’s thick enough but I figured out how to do it without harming the silhouette so I can change it again if need be~

Today’s fruit~ Probably going to go back and do this one over again but It was fun~

Assignment this week was pendants~ Working on the flow and contrast between each level of detail. I dont usually spend a lot of time on one piece so spending a whole week on just two pieces was interesting~

Such beautiful & interesting design of shapes, quite thought provoking and inspiring, thanks for sharing :+1:

Edit: I’m also mystified and curious as to your methods of how you developed some of the designs.
If possible could you show a rough workflow?
Would be much appreciated, cheers

Here is a really quick and rough breakdown of getting the shape. I dynamesh pretty early and don’t do a lot of work outside of it. I use Snake&Hook for most silhouette changes mixed with the normal move tools. In the final version I also have 3 boxes, a torus and a sphere worked in there. The boxes were stretched out and deformed with Sbend to make a place for the pendant to hang. I do almost all my work in Zbrush, minus sizing and occasionally a basemesh. I’ll do an actual breakdown of everything including the detailing at a later date.

Very kool stuff
I would pay money for someone of your level to give private lessons
again always interested in your posts!

Thank you for the support~ My designs aren’t for everyone so I don’t get a lot of feedback. I’ve been thinking about incorporating more imagery into my work to give people something instantly to relate to but for personal reasons I don’t really enjoy the idea.

This weeks assignment is another band incorporating what we have learned along with a few other restrictions. I’m having a hard time because I now understand why my earlier bands aren’t that appealing. I tried reworking them but they didn’t come out. This piece isn’t really what I wanted, I’ll turn it in if I don’t make anything better in the next couple of days but it doesn’t flow.

Here are some pendants I’m working on. Both are really nowhere near done but I’m having fun with the mass. One has too much detail and one not enough (for me) and a really broken base.

More work~ I’m not really happy with how the pendant turned out. I think it still needs more areas of rest so I’ll keep messing with it from time to time. The other rings are experiments, trying out a different style.

Again, super stuff, the first two are like Mech heads, love your designs, keeps going, cheers :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

And thanks for the break down, a few posts up :]

This weeks assignment was to make a pendant using photo reference. I chose to do a backplate for a door lock, or whatever you call those things. Also I finished another pendant that I was working on. Initially it was supposed to be a female pendant but the more I worked on it it switched to a more male style. I’m working on (slowly) finishing up a breakdown of the detail work I do that’s more in-depth.

Been rather distracted lately. Inspired by our last assignment I brought in a base from 3DSMAX and worked on it from there. Took me awhile but I think it actually came out nicely. Dealing with the thickness and making sure that I didn’t overdo the repeating patterns was a challenge but I’m happy with it.

Astonishing work on your last 2 posts

Thank you~ Always good to hear someone likes my work. Feedback as well is much appreciated.

This one is more of an exercise than a piece of jewelry. Its based off of http://sergey-lesiuk.deviantart.com/art/Dead-Sword-260238302 I exaggerated the detail because as a pendant all the small cuts and scratches wont come out in end product. The blade is missing a ton of detail because dynamesh refuses to work with it. I use dynamesh everyday in all my work and for the life of me I can’t fix it so I’ll come back to it eventually but only if I ever figure out the problem.

I like your sculpt, but I think it will not be good for a 3D printing of a pendant. I don’t know how big, or in wich material you want to make it, but by my little experience with 3D printing, I think the level of details in this sword is really to small.

I agree, this was more of an exercise in asymmetrical surface detail than a practicality sculpt. A lot or all of the micro detail I put in it will be decimated away before the printing process begins. I polish all my sculpts so any detail left by the brushes is usually swept away. This was me not polishing anything and leaving all the strokes and whatnot as is.

Wow each more impressive than the lastever consider cnc to see how much more detail is possible?

Actually I hadn’t given any thought to milling. I’ll look into it, thanks for the tip~

Here is an older ring that I recently reworked into something more fun~ I’m probably going to redo this one over and over again as I get better for the fun of it as i like the overall shape of it.