Rome Pig :)


Lots of lots of great wor here as always.

I hope you’ll like him.
Crit are very welcome





I’m loving that character. great work man.

awwwww it’s cute! I like the details but I want to see it textured (the skin that is) the illustration has a nice color and I would love to see that in 3d!! Good job keep it up!

Wow, exeptional work here… I love the comicky look to the model and your texture. Tow row for certain… :+1: :+1:

Love this piece, it has tons of character.

Nice execution of the piece in every aspect of it, congratulations.



Great stuff…!! from the concept drawings to the model…great texture’s & materials too :+1:
The first concept drawing looks like a character with a big nose !..must be the circular depression under the lower jawbone:)
Yep, Toprow for this “cuty”


wow, very inspiring! sweet!

hey kamil!

hahahahaha… i love him. superb work. fun design, great model and render.


…this Pig is Roman ? It can be Gaul or Viking :smiley: (the toga?
Cool funny work :+1:

Love it! Great character! :slight_smile:

Ouaha Damn, funny pet:+1:

Oh yeah! Great character! Would love to see the colouring that is on the concept sketch - pastel look. Helluva underbite!

Lol. Great idea, great character! Porcus Maximus…
Cheers Lemo

excellent char, nice to see something of this nature for a change! :+1:

awesome, so f—ign funny. 5stars

WOW amazing keep it up man i really enjoy the style, superb!

This guys right up my alley =)
Great Job!

That is a very very weird little guy but very very well done! :+1:
Although I’d like to see him with his right arm armour!
Congatulations :+1:

Reminds me a little of Quasimodo.


Great job! A simple but unique character! Nice concept art as well.