Rome Pig :)

Hi Jelwa, very creative, unusual, modeling AND illustration! 50.

HI everyone :slight_smile:

Im realy realy happy, i didnt expect that you’ll like my litle creature so much but somehow you did and im veri glad. :slight_smile:
Thanks for all positive feedback, it will keep me modeling and drowing for a long time now and help me create some more weird and funny characters i hope hehe.

This litle guy will be animated soon, who knows maybe you’ll like the animation as well, we’ll see.

If enyone is interested: i used mental ray for rendering and Fast Skin Material to get the more natural look and of course a normal map created with Zbrush.
At the begining i tryed to make him more cartoon kind of char just like the concept drowing here is my firs try:

But this wasnt what i was looking for so decided to chage him a bit. It wsnt comertial so i could change what i wanted :slight_smile: it ended up as more human like.

Thanks again for feedback it realy works. :smiley:

Take care all




really cool work !
I love it :+1:

Why not try displacement? or does that take too long to render? I always find that my normal maps never render correctly in 3Ds but the displacement always does… it’s strange. I like the texture that you have now more frogish than anything but awesome!

Now you need a greek pig, highlander pig, macedonian pig, giant pig elephants, a massive license, a huge render farm…

Seriously though, it’s a very nice concept and very well executed realization. He needs some comanions. :+1: :+1:

Hey The Character is looking real cute…everythin turned up gr8…gud job…

Hello Jelwa
i think its a wondefull model also wih updates, but i personally liked the other collor pallete in the beginning. its almost always green. that means you can still do it green :lol:

goodluckman! great model.

thats awesome man.


SO much character in a fairly simple character (but thats always seem to be the way it goes). I would love to animate this little beastie! Keep up the good work saved to inspiration folder

This model always brings a smile to my face. Fantastic work.


Mike R

Cool character !
Great job but I prefer the first…

i love it


Thanks everyone, i tought that this is a dead topic by now but there are new posts - thaks It realy makes me fill that the character is ok and now its time to move on heheh and make soething new.

Thaks for this feedback


yes jelwa, MAKE MORE!!! :slight_smile:

fantastic… and sweet… !!