robotball's 3D sketchbook

Robotball aka Bloopatone - here are some of my works in progress and the occasional finished piece. I’m hoping that by sticking them all in one thread I’ll be inspired to finish something! I’d like to post more often but I have to divide my time between modeling and animation/effects which is why I go for a long time without posting, very frustrating!

I post these images for better or for worse, they represent where I am now with my skills. Like everyone here, I am constantly working on improvement. Some of these images have been posted before - sorry for the repeats.

The Medusa:

My greenman/stone carving project. Yes, I’m still working on this guy!

My Frank Frazetta style sci fi image, I’m including the Maya WIP - still blocking out the lighting and creating textures for the environment. The main character is getting a little lost in the shadows!

Here’s the character development for this study (done mostly in Scott Spencer’s anatomy class):

Some anatomy studies:

and a generic old guy head:


Your medusa-head is really impressing!!!

Looks like your in a good place… Learning phase that is… Excellent work!

hey man, I like the Medusa … nice idea and a good painting its really nice.

Wow, great stuff!!! The Medusa is awesome :slight_smile:

Medusa is easily Top Row! Kudos!. Really conveys the fearsome quality of the Myth.:+1: :+1: :smiley:

Thanks for the comments guys!

The Medusa model creation is detailed in my “Introducing ZBrush” book. She was created for the head sculpting tutorial. The book just came out and was written in conjunction with Scott Spencer’s book on Digital Character Creation. Of course my book is meant for beginners so many of you awesome ZBrush artists know a lot of the stuff in the book but if you happen to get a copy please let me know what you think! Pass it on to your friends who want to learn ZBrush!

I know - its a shameless plug, what can I do? Oprah won’t return my calls.

Hey, thanks for your comments/suggestions for my model and composition. You do amazing work! I’ll definitely be watching for you.

that is freakin amazing!!!

Here’s a model I’m currently working on - an old dude. The “unposed” version is a skin texture study. I’m planning to use this technique on the smiling version. I’m enjoying working on this character.


hahahaaaha,very funny, love the last one.:laughing: :+1:

But man is it old (over 30 years old kids!)

Here is a project I’m working on still. I’m putting the textures and materials’ through their paces (working in Maya + mental ray). I have yet to create specular maps and I have to (obviously) paint the eyes and teeth (lots of yellow and green from the teeth). I also want to put more metal in his face and a few other things. The basic premise is he’s an old school English punk rock in his 80’s.

Comments welcome. I know its a strange pose, I think it will make more sense when you see his eyes. He’s kicking back in a laugh as he rmembers the good old days, like when he got kicked in the head at a UK Subs show…


Now that I’ve posted it I realize his first liberty spike is too far down on his forehead…

wow…I just bought your book.Im waiting for it atm …cant wait…The medusa is awsome the snakes look excellent love your work :).

wow buddy, nice render :+1:

very cool … i like your Medusa model, great model and composting :+1:

The Punk - is awesome! 30 years wow… Bad ass sculpt and texture.

Actually, one of the most fun parts of this project so far has been putting together the mural of punk flyers in the background.

Deltathunder - let me know what you think of the book.


…inspiration for the old dude? :+1:

Hi Eric,I recieved the book yesterday…I was so excited too see the mail man come with it lol.Introducing Zbrush book is just plain awsome for ppl like myself.Its already helped me.I was sculpting when it arrived and I needed too know something and dam ya book explained it all to me so easily:).I also was suprised about the dvd of goodies.:):):slight_smile: wow I havent checked it but know whats in it and am looking forward too learning :):)…Hopefully will tonight once little ones asleep:).
Love the Book absolutley love it:).So much information.I know its gunna help me alot…Thanks for your time and effort in creating this awsome book,im sure it will do very well:):):)…