Ricky's WIP

What’s up, ZFriends? I wanted to drop a few works in progress your way, and put myself out there. I’ve been using ZBrush for about 10 months, now. I will never go back to the dark side…except for animation. Unless the next release handles that, lol. Anyway, I would appreciate any critique on these. They are all in different states of completion, using various techniques from hard surface sculpting to nDynamic cloth sim. I’ve been working on Athena for nearly 7 hours, Vader for about 5, and my battle angel concept off and on when I get a chance. Thanks, and happy ZBrushing!






So, I’ve been working on this for the past few weeks. Some of these renders are BPRs, and others have been pulled into Keyshot 4 to get some nice images. Once I retop the entire bust, I will nail down the actual coloring from the ESB helmet.

Ricky Kimball Darth Vader:


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this is looking awesome. Maybe try tinting the lenses slightly red in photoshop? Otherwise, I really like the render. Makes me feel like firing up a little Empire.

I’ll throw some amber into the diffuse once I get the low poly and UVs squared away. That and the two tone black that usually goes unnoticed.

Vader is looking nice.
I’m currently working on a character with a helmet as well but my hard surface modeling skills are really bad.
I would like to know more about your workflow espacially about the edge of the helmet.
I tried everything from trim brushes to trim curve but nothing gives me a satisfying result.

Thanks, I appreciate it. The way I get clean edges is through retopology and creasing. I use those after I have a base sculpt that gives me the surface information necessary to be a good guide. If you want, I can put together a .pdf to demo what I mean.

I’d worship the ground you’re walking on :wink:

Haha, for the sake of my mortal soul not being struck down by eternal lightning and the fact that there are so many great artists on here with a thousand times more experience than me, that isn’t necessary. Give me a day to get it together, and I’ll post it up here.

that would be awesome!

I would love to see that as well.

great models love them specially Dark Vader and Athena. Not too sure on the shredding of her Toga top the sides if they are to be shredded should be hanging down due to gravity look a little starched and strait out but as this is a WIP I will shut it lol. The battle angel is great wow that is some cool hard surface sculpting.

I would like like to know what material are you using to sculpt with it looks nice specially for the harder surface modeling.

keep sculpting and teaching you never know I have found sometimes the novice teaches the masters and more experienced and usually they come up with better never before seen stuff, unique ways of doing things, and crazy concepts from the deepest of imaginations.

I really like your stuff and I think you will contribute more here than you think. I see great potential and you are far above my level even after all theses years you have a fan. I am not stagnant though I love to learn so please show your topology and crease please I have a feeling it is what I need since your hard surface modeling is really good and clean.

looking forward to more. Have fun and Happy ZBrushing

Great work dude! Love your Darth Vader!:wink: :+1:

Excellent work :slight_smile: I love how his reflection is of a scene in the suburbs haha :slight_smile: Keep it up :slight_smile:

Still struggling with hard surfacing myself.
I’d to see your technique as well.
How long have you been zBrushing?

Alright, guys. I’m putting together a video demo. Should be up and ready by the end of the day. Thanks so much for the input!

Thanks so much for the kind words. As far as the material goes, I found a nice stone matcap through pixologic. Sometimes I will use just a basic material with a three point lighting setup so I can see how the light interacts with the sculpture. I really appreciate your input. I love sculpting, and if anything I know can benefit anyone, I would love to share. I’m waiting for premiere to finish rendering this demo, and it should be up shortly afterward. Hopefully it isn’t too fast. If so, please hit me up with any questions.

Alright folks, I put together this demo for anyone interested in my approach to hard surface sculpting. Hopefully this is helpful. If there is anything that I can clarify with better detail, just let me know. Happy Zbrushing!!

<iframe width=“1280” height=“720” src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Pp36k1Mgcs0" frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>



I appreciate.
That really looks like it’s the missing link in my hard surface workflow. I never used creasing before, but I will from now on.
What you are doing with the damian standard, I was always doing with the pinch brush but it looks like the damian standard makes quite a better job.
I will refer to you in my next hard surface project.

No problem. Glad to help. Definitely check out Mike Jensen’s stuff. I know he has a few videos on YouTube, and he is a hard surface badass. I like what you’ve got in your portfolio, by the way.

Wow, I see now why your sculpts are so darn clean.
Thank you very much for taking the time to make that video and sharing it with us.