Ricky's WIP

:o Oh come on, you’re just saying that to be nice, don’t you?
I find my work pretty mediocre. I’m working to get better but there’s still much work ahead.
Thanks for the compliment.

The brain in the cage is an interesting concept. How did you come up with it?
Or did it come to you?

Your rendering is really nice, man. That’s more than half the battle. We’ve all got improvements to make. Considering that you just picked up sculpting not too long ago, by what I gathered on your site, I think you’re doing well. Plus, you’ve got real work experience…which is more than I can say.

Here in germany we have this song called “Die Gedanken sind frei” which means “The thoughts are free”, here are the lyrics http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107859232277/
But the way I see the world, how television manipulates the people, propagande news create artificial fears to justify unnecessary wars, commercials create artificial needs to justify unnecessary consumption and so on. It’s an endless list. All that to the price of our physical and mental health.
I don’t think that there is something like free thoughts, free speech and so on, generally speaking.
This work was just a try to depict that, for some people even with a slight provocative touch.

Thanks a lot. The rendering was actaully the most difficult part for me. Coming from “classical”, “old school” 3D, the rendering workflow in zbrush really overchallanged me. There are still a lot things where I have to grit my teeth and prevent myself from screaming…but it’s getting better, just to mention that as well.
Having so much trouble with it, makes feedback like yours even better.
Real work experience yes, but not so much. Just a few little projects and as for ZBrush I’m still unprofessional.

Being new to ZBrush as well, I find Ryan Kingslien’s tutorials very useful.
But anyone can learn to sculpt. Learning to think and inspire is another matter entirely. In that regard you’re ahead of the game.

Ryan Kingslien indeed is great. When I started with anatomy studies, Ryan Kingslien’s videos sometimes helped me to understand things better and beside that, he is also good in sharing the philosophy of his art and craft.

I feel like I have to bow down so deep, that I will bang my head on the floor…the floor of my neighbor below :wink:

What’s up guys. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks, now. I wanted to see if I could get some feedback. Anything helps, and I’m not scared of a solid critique. So, please fire away. It is a WIP, but the more input I have, the more I learn. The sculpt is based on a concept from a friend over on DeviantArt.com.






High poly sculpt. Rendered in Keyshot.


Here is some progress on a new project of mine.

Added some more details. Retopologized. Added a mouth bag so that I can put teeth in. This is the first real texture pass. There is much more on the way.



Made some touch-ups to the texture on his face. Here, I’ve gone through and added a bunch of hard surface panels. Hopefully the structure doesn’t lack too much functional sense, about half way through the hard surfacing I started experimenting with a groups loops technique. The current textures are just placeholders until I get some more details wrapped up. Then, I’ll scuff it up a bit. Hope you enjoy!

Learning new techniques. There are plenty of discrepancies, but when I gain better control…ohhhh the possibilities!

sorceress side shot.jpgsorcoressAO.jpgSORCORESSAO2.jpg




About 4.5 hours in to a new design. I’ve got to make a few adjustments, then I’ll be jumping in to the secondary stage for this.

I’m enjoying this last one very much. Very Syd Mead. Did you use image based lighting, or placed lights?