Rick Baker Monstermaker 3D Portrait - WIP


I started a new model. It’s on early stages right now, after only two nights of work after my daily job. I was searching for references on internet with not a lot of success but today I got some good ones that will surely help me to improve it a lot and maybe make him look more like the real master :slight_smile:

I promise I’ll finish this one, so be sure to check the thread from time to time. Maybe will not be a fast progress because I’m working on it after hours, using only my spare time but I’ll not stop!!! :smiley:
My intention is to produce a final realistic bust of the master, posed and rendered in Maya with good lighting and realistic skin (and eyes, of course!!!).

I hope you enjoy and with some more work, start to recognize him. This guy ROCK the house and he’s a HUGE inspiration not only for me but I’m sure, for a lot of people here :slight_smile:


It’s Rick Baker! You already have a good likeness going for you. Good luck with your model. I can tell already that this is going to be a thread to watch.


Yes it’s him! :smiley: Fantastic start for this one.

It’s going to be on the top-row right away!

subscribed! I´m sure that will be stunning! :smiley:


Nice one! Its a pretty dead on likeness.


Great choice!!!
Fantastic execution!!!
Speaking of master, you ain’t so bad yourself!!!

Wonderfull… Definitively lloks like Rick… Considering the title, must be him…

Great job antropus!

still a splendid model, cheer for the beard…highly the continuation…:slight_smile:

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: AWESOME!

oh no, not another orc head come on Kris aren’t there enough orc heads on this forum. Seriously Kris, couldn’t you have picked someone less ugly to spent your free time modeling, or at least someone worthy.
Seriously, really, I very flattered that you would do this, and I’m very flattered by what you said. Can’t wait to see the progress.

Thanks a lot guys. Wow! You really recognized him in the early stages so I think I’m in the right path.

LOL! That’s my pleasure Rick, really. Thanks for all these years of inspiration! That’s the minimum I can do to thank you.


Holy canolies, Kris. It looks just like Rick…:smiley: Having captured how friendly Rick is without having eyeballs in the model is a testament to your skill and talent.
Can’t wait to see the paintjob…:smiley:


Thanks Dickie. Before I start the paintjob I still have to fix some modeling issues :slight_smile:

Ok, I had some time tonight to play with some more adjustments in the general proportions and to change his expression, thanks to some new references I got, making Rick a little more serious :slight_smile:
In comparison to the model I posted before, I think the new one looks more realistic as a whole, thanks to the references, but I’m interested to hear what you guys think.


Really Nice work!
must be kinda wierd for Rick to see himself like this, and in 3d!:lol:
But I’m sure very Cool at the same time.

that profile really shows the likness even better.
and of course, with the pony tail.

hey great image really see the resemblance can you please post your material and light settings

That looks great, Kris!!
How do you plan on creating his hair may I ask?


I can imagine the sensation. I does sounds weird imagine seeing myself in 3D so I can imagine Rick’s feelings about this :slight_smile:

sure thing. This is a very small variation of the shader/light I posted in this thread: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=032839
Try it :slight_smile:

Hey Chris! How’s going?
Well, hair is always a great challenge to reproduce in CG. I’ll have to use a combination of geometry (nurbs planes) with transparency maps for the base and geometry or paint effects or CG hair to cover it and add the silhouete. I have to test to see the one that looks better with a good render time/quality.


Very good! How many time it takes (to create model like this)?

Looks great.

Oh, Yeah! This is a VERY nice piece. Wonderful work on the resemblance.

*Am I the only one who thinks Rick NEEDS to play an evil bad guy in a movie?! I’d pay good money for even a really bady directed movie to see that.