Reference Character Models


Having been a long time ZBrush artist in the Games/VFX industry, one thing that frustrated me was the lack of decent reference for clothes/wrinkles. Spending many hours trying to recreate convincing folds and materials in ZBrush. A colleague of mine and I decided to create a scanned database of clothes to be used [initially by us] as reference for such tasks. We are planning on expanding this resource to the community. These aren’t Ultra high resolution [like our head scans] They are scanned for general reference. Below are some examples…

3 examples from our early ‘library’ soon to be fleshed out with varied clothing types and models. These are around 750k

We’d love to hear your feedback and potential requests for models/clothing etc… :smiley:







This is a great idea! When I need to sculpt clothing I always try to find something similar and slap it on a co-worker or myself. This would make the process much easier. Can’t wait to see more.

love it!
are you going to scan some poses too?

Ah man, This is fantastic! Nothing better than the real thing!

Thanks for these!

very nice, the pricing also seems a bit more reasonable compared to some of the similar services out there

Please scan some military gear!!! Some pouches, load bearing vests, boots, etc would be an awesome addition to the library!!

The scans you’ve shown so far look like great reference for upper body wear, but your model is wearing the same pants in every scan. You can see that the wrinkles are all in the same places and look nearly identical. It’d be great to mix up the pants material a bit too, since different materials and patters wrinkle and stress in their own particular way.

Great idea! Can’t wait to see the collection released.

Wow… this is a really positive response!

We’re looking forward to scanning more varied people and clothes. I was the ‘volunteered’ model for these early tests and yes, mixing up trousers etc is a must!

Would people prefer items singularly scanned… IE a Bodywarmer or is an ‘outfit’ a more desirable option?

TBH I was going to scan elements in seperately as a test, then to do a quick retop so it was a ‘useable’ asset.

Also, we’re currently looking at colour scanning but our process isn’t exactly nailed down yet… would colour be important to you? Here’s an example.

Rendered texture detail

Texture detail.jpg

More info on our BLOG


Amazing, I wold love to see some shirt only photos so you can actually see better the transition between fabric laying on body,a nd the ones that are just folds.
Im always surprised how 3d scans look much more toned down than i would image stuff looks.

We’ve tried some ‘detail’ pose scans today. So a bent knee… twisted arm etc to generate nice folds… will keep you posted if we go forth and publish! :slight_smile:


thanks i’m really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this!

Can you scan people in a tpose/ Apose with a neutral facial expression? and then a few facial expressions. We could use this hi res data easier to transfer to animation ready models.
I dont see much use of the ones currently available. Or am I missing something?

This is an amazing reference! Downloaded them all! I cant wait to see more.

I guess to answer your question I would prefer “outfits” over singular items if this was just going to be used as reference. So that I can see how the clothing relates to each other.

Color isn’t super important to me unless the textures were shot separately and laid flat. The gray versions are way more helpful.


We can scan people in T Poses but the material creases and folds represent that pose fully. After these are skinned and put in rest positions the folds often look wrong. The current scans we offer are to be used as reference for artists to create the more natural occurring details in a given pose.

Perhaps we could do packs of a specific outfit in multiple poses. So artists can see the effect on the material over a range of movement. Food for thought!

We have begun to scan neutral faces and have gingerly looked into creating FACS packs. Here’s some early examples: LINK


Looking forward to see more of this great work!

The images are great to work from but the physical OBJ’s are even better :smiley:


Hey guys

Here is a selection of quick GI renders of the scans. These have been decimated quite heavily and exported to Lightwave so not as high-res as the originals.







Those look great.