Reference Character Models

Very nice scans :slight_smile:

These are great. Thanks for sharing. Seeing the folds in a grey scale form is great.

Maybe more layered clothing that shows thin and thick clothing layered on each other? Or a Victorian style dress?

really a good work! quality is great, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


We tried out a male body scan today!


Available now. More updates coming tomorrow which will be available on Tuesday.


Great stuff! :slight_smile:

Impressive! what technology are you using?

We are using an Artec M structured light scanner for these. We have had it for a few years now but its never been much good for full body scanning due to software being a bit limited in terms of what it can and cant align. however its really come into its own in the last few months with the release of Artec Studio 8 which allows us to scan a subject over the course of about 3 minutes and still get a clean mesh at the end even if they have moved a little bit during the process. Its really not a point and shoot process though there is still a lot of technique involved in the actual scanning. These have also been taken into zbrush and re projected with much cleaner dynamesh topology so they are a bit easier to clean up / fix any holes or errors in the raw scan.

This thread is a great asset. Thank you for posting your work.

very informative…thanks!

Terrific post! Great reference :slight_smile:
Look forward to seeing if you guys do the same with a female body! :+1:

great reference !!!

Makes me wish I had a scanner.

good reference

A few teaser close ups for meshes coming soon.



These scans are looking great! Keep up the great work and keep scanning!

hello, very nice work. :wink:


Awesome scans!

Tried some varying clothing combinations. This one’s Walking Gear.

More to come. Shorts/knee pads/gloves



Completed some more scans today available from 3Dscanstore

New models and clothes coming soon!


Your scans definately look better than the ones from Rawscandata.