Redbeard's Sketchbook

This is something that I have been playing around with for a while when I have had some free time. The original concept is by one of my favorite artist El Gunto,
so I hope I have done him justice. And he was kind enough even to give some feedback to help make this model sing! So thank you so much!
I modeled this in ZBrush and rendered it in Keyshot.



Pretty cool stuff!

Just another Render pass. Setting the stage.

Very Nice :wink:

Do you have some W.I.P. pics? or anything breakdown images? Awesome stuff… Great renders too!

Very cool! :+1:

Here is a TPose before I start posing and polishing.

Here is a little shot of how I handled the hair/ fur and some of the textures for the leather. If there is anything else you guys might want to see, please let me know and I’ll see if I can mock up some images. :slight_smile:

Nice work Matt! Cheers!

Very cool!

Is this for your next tutorial? :slight_smile:
I would love to buy a video from you where you model a stylized female character and talk about how far you go antatomy-wise to make sexy and believable characters.

thanks for sharing the wip images too. How difficult was it for you to use fibermesh for the hair, to get the flow and shape of the overall hairstyle?


Thanks! lots of trail and error and patience for the hair. I wanted a specific flow and shape for the hair that reflected her attitude and concept so it took a while. I found that a balance of using the Magnetic Groom Brush, and the Move Tool gave a some pretty good results.

This isn’t for my next tutorial, this was just for fun. To let the creative juices flow. But a full female character is what my next tutorial will be about! So stay tuned! :wink:

This is a collaboration project that I worked on with the incredibly talented Brett Bean. He created the 2D design , and I created the 3D model in ZBrush, we have partnered with Mold 3D who is creating the maquette that will be available for purchase very soon! The prototype will be on display at CTNx and Designer Con this weekend at Brett Bean Booth (Booth T-78) and at the Mold 3D booth (#201), so if you are in town come check it out!!!


Especially if you do some breakdowns of the creation collaboration process. What great work. I’m inspired by your stuff all the time, and honestly, it gets better every single post. It’s amazing what you can do with zbrush. All this is zbrush??

You have to breakdown how you created the weapon and accessories (the helmet is really cool…)

Thanks for sharing.

Nice job to both of you!


super solid work Matt! Really nice.

Love this! Great work!

Niceeeee workkk Matt !!!

Awesome Job!!! I recently purchased your tutorials and they have definitely helped me out a lot with learning Z Brush. Your work has really inspired me to learn Z Brush to model characters and your tutorials are one of the best resources I have to learn from.

I can’t wait till your next tutorial series about modeling a full female Character. I am curious to see how you use the Z sphere block in method when modeling a full stylized female character. That method has really helped me to find a starting point for when I start a model in Z brush. Is it similar to the way you did the Zsphere block in in your advanced tutorial series, or are there many differences between stylized male and stylized female characters?

Again Amazing work!!! :slight_smile:

Just received the final resin kit! it turned out beautiful! Here is a video showing me putting it together! This is available now at http://www.mold3dshop.com/

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“https://www.youtube.com/embed/B_dSqzdJjO8” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=""></iframe>