Realtime Wonder Woman + Lady Mechanika

Hello guys. Follow my last work, a realtime character. I did a mix between wonder woman and Lady Mechanika. Soon, I’ll post more images of the process. c&c are welcome








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Looks great! What’s the polycount? And nice cross btw, works well

Oh man. this is awesome. i want to finishing my work too, haha.
i enjoyed :+1:

She’s beautiful! Well done!:+1:

wonderful work.love the textures.keep rocking.;):wink:

Outstanding work ! If you have tutorials and breakdown to share… :smiley:

TOP ROW material!!! Congrats with such a wonderfull piece and look forward seeing your workprocess pictures.

yes, second to none. well done man

Beautiful work! :+1:

caiocesar - thanks my friend =)
lildragon - thanks man. It’s not a lowpoly model, I don’t have a concern about the polycount and I have a high number of polys. The separate stitches make this number higher. I’m sending now a wireframe image
farhadnojumi - thanks man, I love your work!
digitalwax - really thanks, I’m glad you like that
Diablo - really thanks!
Ouran - Thanks Man. I’m posting now more imagens, and until tomorrow, I have some breakdowns
d’Artbot_ Thanks. I’m producing more images about the process. For now, I have the sculpt and Wireframe
roanfarley - thanks man!
Webhead - I’m glad you like It!

More images of Zbrush high poly sculpting and wireframe. In the next hours, I’ll have some breakdowns






Hopefully we would see a making of her hair ^^

Superb work! :+1:
Not much else to say, other than I second the request on how you make the hair, which just like the rest, looks great!



wauw! this looks great. i don’t know lady mechanika, but it seems like a great mix.
good luck.


Ray Le - thanks, I’m posting now the hair breakdown :wink:
Highlander_72 - Thanks, follow the breakdown about hair
rasmusW - thanks man. Lady Mechanika has some awesome steampunk clothes, that’s the reason of my choice.
Follow the way how I made the hair



excellent work! I’ve haven’t seen a more comprehensive tutorial.

thanks a lot man.really helpful.;):wink:

Thank you for the hair breakdown. Have you tried the IMM Hair Brush by Jonathan Nascone? The brush doesn’t have thickness. I believe it’s the same brush that Tom Parker used in his tutorial.


Congrats for the Top Row buddy.really deserved it.keep rocking.;):wink:

If I may ask, how do you approach making the mouth sack? Is it built into the base mesh, or do you hollow it out later?