Realtime Wonder Woman + Lady Mechanika

amazing work…fodaaaaaaaa parabens

Beautiful job :+1: really enjoyed watching it

Amazing! Where did you model the goggles?

amazing work, thanks for sharing the wires and tutorial!

Outstanding. :+1:

Congratulations on a well deserved top row and thanks again for the breakdown !

wonderful man. Cograt´s Danilo. Your work is inspiration.

Amazing art, and thanks for the tutorial. You should export your marmoset scene to marmoset viewer and share with us :smiley:

Really thanks All guys for the comments, And ZBC for the top row, I’m happy. Ray le, thanks for this brush man, I’ll try this. Sam Leheny, You can make the mouth sack in your basemesh, but in this work, I began my sculpt with a polysphere. So, I made the mouth sack later, in retopology. Andre_Lopes, I made this goggles in Maya. Gabriel Herrera, I dont know if I’ll try the viewer in this character, but maybe… Marmoset Viewer looks awesome =)

Your mesh and texture maps are pretty high. I don’t think Artstation can handle your viewer file unless you upload it on your own website.

Yeah Ray le, I think the same thing. I dont try marmoset viewer yet, but I agree with you. This is one of the reasons that I dont put this work in marmoset viewer yet.

I have a noob question xD Did you retopologize manually all the small detail by hand? Because the meshes look very clean. I haven’t done any high res characters so I’m curious about topology workflow for high-res characters like this.

She’s awesome Danilo. Congrats for the TOP ROW you deserved!

Awesome project! Top Notch! She is super beautiful! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

amazing model Danilo :slight_smile: love the material definition. Thanks for the shoutout aswell, the brush is actually really easy to make if you follow the tutorial, jons brush was based off mine but has welding point issues last time I checked it out, might be worth trying your own.

Great work Danilo! She looks amazing!

Really thanks for kind words guys, means a lot to me =) . Ray Le, I did a manually retopology for the body, and all other assets, I did directly in a polygonal modeling software (Maya). Tom, thanks man, I’ll try my own IMM brush.

Just speechless. Awesome work man. Keep it up.

Awesome cool. Thanks for the hair tut. Congrats on the top row too… very well deserved :+1:

Thanks a lot for the breakdown of your hair-workflow. Great work!:+1: