Radha - Hindu mythology

Hello friends, this is my latest work which I did for Lakshya art challenge 2016.
This is my first post in Zbrush central . I used 3ds Max for the basemesh and Zbrush for all the high poly details and rendered it in Vray.
Had a lot of fun, and learnt a lot of new things. I hope you all like


Bohot sahi mere sher !!

Thanks a lot Sachin;)

Very nice :+1:

Everything is nice. Its the composition I dont like. I cant focus on something there is a big gap between the characters and they are pose near the border of the frame

Superb, nice attention to detail…congrats.

Thanks a lot Anand Bhaiya for appreciating my work.

wa is so cool:D:D

Congratulation Dude, you Deserved it

Nice Work Tushar.I really like the female character cloths detailing…

Thanks a lot Winnie, 13enny and madhead for appreciating my work :wink:

Beautiful work, Congrats on the top row

Thanks a lot Rohit bhaiya for liking my work :slight_smile:

I love the styl you got in your modeling as well color mood. Awesome job

this is awsm. congrats for the top row.

very nice models my one crit if they are hindu types why are they white

Thanks a lot @md mazhar… :slight_smile:

@CMobley Hi friend just wanted to say that all Hindus are not black/brown, here you will see many white faces also. :slight_smile:

Lovely ,Congrats on the Top Row …:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @sachinu. :slight_smile: