Queen of the Sea

Hey All. This is a character that I designed and sculpted in my spare time. I wanted to convey the look of a woman who has been shaped by a harsh world and has somehow managed to come out on top. I went for a more realistic approach to how a person like that would look. Not the conventional beauty, though she may have been beautiful once. Hope you like it!




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Masterpiece! Would be great a sort of workflow !

very convincing! great to see a new aproach off the road, so to say. excelent sculpting


I hope you have a time-lapse somewhere kept in your pc and that you;ll post it. Color her and beauty render that beauty!

Great job - full of character.


great model! love the design and amount of details!

Realy awsome stuff

Strrrrrraight to the inspiration folder! This is sensational.

Splendid character !

Awesome details !!

Amazing character! The amount of detail is insane and very creative. I only wish I had that kind of imagination to come up with so many details and accessories. I wouldn’t be able to come up with a third of them.
Approximately how long did this take to complete?

Fantastic job! Top Row!

Sooo well done. I love everything about it. The clothes are really phenomenal.

Top Row quality IMO


I rate this top row/10

:+1: Outstanding work!!! Top row for sure! You deserve it!

Awesome! Great job dude !!!

This is so very beautiful and inspiring. Love all the details. Wish you had a render of all of her. Not sure about the scales on the jacket sides, they kind of take away from all the other details although rendered they may make it better. Do love the things hanging on the shoulders of the jacket though. The details of all the textures are incredible. She just jumps at me, such a wonderful sculpt, I can not say that enough. One of my most favorite images so far that I have found of Pirates.

The face looks like it has been through hell and back but still looks feminine even with the well done scars and blinded eye. I want all those cloths and boots for Halloween or a renaissance/colonial faire really.
She is going up on my desktop for inspiration. Down on my luck sometimes and have been through hell but still standing strong as I can. Wonderful character full of soul.

I want to see this on Top row!!! it so very much deserves it in my opinion.

I am a fan of your work now and hope to see more very soon.

Happy ZBrushing!!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:D

Great work, definitely top row.

Just breathtaking! Top row!

Thanks! I definitely plan on coming back to texture and render her in full at some point. Right now, I have another piece I’m working on.