Quake Project: Monster Models for Quake Mod

I was lucky enough to get onto another mod of the Doom 3 engine, this one will be for the original Quake. I have a LOT of monsters to make, as well as weapons.

I thought it might be kinda cool to give little previews of the monsters here. The first monster I’m making is the Shambler. He’s a big ugly son of a gun, that shoots lightning at you from his hands. Big, lumbering, ugly, and with a mouthful of razor sharp teeth.

I know this is a pretty big departure from the original Shambler who looked more sasquatch than this, but I’m liking him, and the mod lead is liking him, so I’m happy.


I’m almost done with him, and if I would have thought about it earlier, I would have posted before now, but I didn’t, so I didn’t. I’ll post updates as I get farther along. Thanks :wink:

And another view…


I still have quite a bit of work to do on him, so if you have suggestions, or crits, lemme hear 'em.

replica, lol, dude, I’m also doing a Quake remake mod for both Doom 3 and Quake 4. :slight_smile:

Oh, forgot to comment on the model, heh. Your new take on the shambler is pretty awesome. I like the design of him.

Hey, abxy, that’s awesome! Got a link to your mod site? That’d be kinda funny if we were both working on the same project. :smiley: here’s a link to the site of the mod I’m working on. http://www.quakeremix.com/index.php

Well, here’s an update. I changed some on the legs, feet, and arms. Most notably, I gave him some wart like things on his shoulders.

This is a ZB render, as I didn’t wanna take the time exporting him piece by piece into Max. I can’t get ZB to do a decent render to save my life, sorry. Man, I wish Zmapper was out already, that would make my life infinitely easier… Anyway, here’s the pic. enjoy :wink:


at the moment the site is down. But no, sadly we aren’t working on the same project. the mod I’m making i’m purposely doing solo for the moment. I’m gettign some foundation laid before I ask to people to come help out.

i am glad you are doing quake art. im a big quake fan. quake 1 on the doom 3 engine would be better than doom 3 on the doom 3 engine. :lol: keep posting!

Ah, I gotcha, abxy. Sounds like you’re gonna have your hands full for a while on that project. Hope you get a great team going on your mod.

Logick, thanks. I really do hope to do justice to the original quake models. They are gonna be my designs, but I’m trying to base them (aat least loosely) on the originals. I love all the Quake games, and I’m a huge id fan, so I really wanna push myself on this mod.

Unfortunately, my computer isn’t up to the task, as far as getting multi-million poly models into Max for normal mapping, so I have to stop short of the detail I want to put in there. Right now he’s close to 1 million poly’s, but that’s killing Max, so I can’t go any further with the poly count… I’m praying ZMapper comes out soon so I won’t have to worry about that aspect anymore, I’ll just make the whole high-res deal in ZB, and make it as detailed as I want. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to tough it out for now.

More updates soon, there’s still quite a bit of detailing I can do. Thanks for the comments.

Nice stuff, I’m looking forward for this baby to be finished. :slight_smile:

Good luck !

Bye !

I suppose the biggest complement you can give is to say it wouldn’t look out of place in any of the games mentioned above.
Out of curiousity are you already in the game industry or are you trying to get in? I only ask as im trying to get in my self and wish to get some ideas/info/advice from anyone already in.
Great work so far :+1: :+1:

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Davlin, thanks for that. Something I probably should have mentioned before, I probably won’t be doing the textures, as I think they already have someone else for that. So he probably won’t be “finished” with textures here.

ZedHead, thank you, too. Unfortunately, I’m not in the games industry yet. Been close a time or two, but not there yet.

Well, he should be getting closer to done today. I really just have a few more things to add to him, and that will be that for this guy. Then I have to figure out what monster I will be doing next.

Thanks all for the comments, and there will be more updates when I get them.

Well, I just spent a while making some skin details, with the hopes I could make a decent normal map in ZB. But for whatever reason, ZB is turning out some **** normal maps. I don’t get it, it used to make some decent (not great, just decent) normal maps, and now they just plain suck.


Anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this?

could be a lot of things… could be you have overlapping, or discontinous UV’s, ZBrush does that from time to time, UV’s look fine but are all seperate islands.

Could be you have lots of uv borders, theres often artifacting along them… you make alos wanna try calc the map at sub-div 2 instead of 1. Id have to see the model honestly… is it all quads?

your NMaps looks fliped, try flipping the red and green channels

For normal maps, use the ati normalmapper, it’s pretty slow but gives nice results :slight_smile:

YES!! It was user error on ALL my tests!! Weird, but true. Thank god, now maybe I can get some more impressive looking maps.

TigerZ, You were almost dead on. It’s not the colors that need to be flipped, it’s my uv’s that need it. I tried the flipping colors deal in Max, and certain areas looked great, while others got ugly, which I THINK means I have backfacing uv’s. If that’s the case, I’ll be able to do what I wanted to do from the start. I’ll flip those uv’s and let you know what happens. Thanks for the help.

[EDIT] Now I’m getting aggrivated. ZB keeps telling me that it can’t import the mesh with the new uv’s because of the vert count is different, when it’s not. I exported the lowest div level, brought that into Max, flipped the uv’s on the parts that needed them, exported back to ZB, and I get the error. According to both ZB and Max, it has 936 poly’s. I didn’t touch the mesh to model ANYTHING, I didn’t add, or remove ANY poly’s, edge’s or anything else. This is not my day for the techy side of 3d…

Just to help keep some life in this thread, apart from the techy junk, here’s a shot of him at a little over 4 million poly’s. There’s more going on in the guy’s skin texture than it appears, but I still can’t get a decent render out of ZB.

Anyway, hope you like it. :wink:


Really cool model as usual ReplicA :wink:

Thanks SolidSnakexxx, I only wish my computer could handle all those poly’s… Oh well, I guess you do what you can with what you got.

The normal mapping is almost completely done now, I just need to fix a few seems, and that’s about it. Oh yeah, I forgot, I need to make some teeth and toenails, and the whole thing will be done. I don’t see that taking too long, though, so barring any technical hiccups, this guy should be done by tomorrow. Then I can get on to the model. I’ll post earlier in the process this time, so I can get some more feedback :smiley:

ZB keeps telling me that it can’t import the mesh with the new uv’s because of the vert count is different, when it’s not

If you change (Add, delete, merge, etc) the UV’s then the vert count can also differ. Only flipping the UV’s should be fine though.

Yeah, I’ve changed uv’s on a character before, and re-imported it back to ZB without problems. So I’m guessing there’s some kind of communication breakdown at the import/export level of the programs. It’s alright though, I did the normal maps the old fashioned way, by pushing my computer to the absolute limits and bringing him in piece by piece. There’s a few seams I need to clean up in PS, but they’re only a couple of pixels high, so it won’t be too hard.

I’m gonna try something else to get some detail in there I couldn’t otherwise get. I’m gonna paint a bump on him in ZB, and overlay that onto the normal map with nvidias normal map plug for PS. I don’t know what it will look like, but here’s hoping it’ll look nice :smiley: