Pygmalions sketch book

Here are some Keyshot renders ,hope you like .:smiley:

Two more views


Thanks for posting the link to the Brookgreen Gardens Mr Pygmalion - they have sculpture workshops too!! I wanna go and maybe find a bush to live in.

Lovely additional views of your sculpt and a very good day to you Sir.

Thanks boozy. I’m about to post renders of my latest piece ,the original was sculpted by a former artist in residence at the garden .
At one time she taught those classes you mentioned .

My next sculpt is a copy of a living sculptor ,a former teacher at Brookgreen, Gwen Marcus .
It’s a lovely bronze piece ,The Bather has a more natural feel when compared to the unabashed classicism of McCartan’s Dionysus .
I hope I was able to do her work justice , and I hope you enjoy it .

I believe good Sir, you have indeed done Gwen’s piece justice.
Interesting to read that Gwen studied under Bruno Lucchesi for this piece in particular has a vibrational relationship to Lucchesi’s work.

How I wonder are you finding the emotional experience of digital compared to traditional sculpting?

To be quite honest with you boozy, I haven’t touched a real piece of clay since I was a teenager .
I seemed to gravitate to two dimensional media .
It wasn’t until I discovered Zbrush that I fell in love with digital sculpting.
I hope to avail myself of a class or two at Brookgreen soon.
And see if my digital skill will translate into the real world .:wink:

two more …

great job. Looking forward to your next piece.

Thank you gabo1991 .
I’m hoping to finish it soon . :smiley:

This latest piece is a copy of Ecstasy by the Russian-American sculptor Gleb Derujinsky .
I have always loved the feeling of motion in this piece achieved by the exaggeration of form .

Just Wooow.Beautiful.:wink:

Very nice indeed. The curves of female are extremely pleasing to watch.

Vir Norin
Thanks for the comments guys . :smiley:
Here are a few more shots .