Pygmalions sketch book

Thanks so much for the kind words boozy .
I wanted a true connection to be present in the characters .
the color I can’t take full credit for, I introduced my missus to Photoshop 5 years ago ,
and now she edits circles around me.
She helped me achieve the right tone ,thanks babe .

New render in Keyshot , background photos found on pixabay and keyshot .

A fine continuation of the journey both in composition balance and pose between both characters.

Hi pygmalion,beautiful illustration !
Tests to see inlay of the characters in the environment,they do not blend perfectly into this one.

This one is really good !!! Something poetic… :+1:
Edit : Sorry I speak of the one before this one :wink:

Boozy thank you sir, only a couple more to go and the story will be told .
Atomizzer thanks I wanted to try to bring as much emotion to android in love as possible . :wink:
Chalian I added a filter from Alien skin in photo shop, I t added a lot of pop to the terrian it might have effected their blend .

Ok, I’m taking a bit of a side track with my model . after seeing the film Ex Machina I wanted to do a lab piece , something with glass, if you see the film you’ll understand why .
In my piece I decided to go with frosted glass, to give just the impression of the robot in the glass door .
I think it ads more drama that way . the glass door and frame are geometry as is the robot . The hallway is a back plate render done with Keyshot .
I really love the real time rendering in Keyshot lets you know whether or not your on to something with an idea .:slight_smile:

Love it. Maybe I should check out the keyshot after all.;):wink:

Thanks Diablo. I don’t know what you use now, I was using mental ray in 3ds max .
Now that I’ve used a real time render, Im in love with the instant feedback .
I played with a free trial of marmoset, but when zbrush announced the zbrush to keyshot link I had to give it a go.
So far I’m happy with what I’m getting, not sure how it will preform with more complex setup but I guess I’ll find
out soon enough .

Well I’m not really an expert in other render engines.I mostly use Zbrush BPR render & comp different layers in PS.& for the game_res models I use Marmoset.Have no idea what I’m gonna do with keyshot but looks like people enjoy using it.So I’ll give it a shot.:smiley:

I think the latest one is your best work you have shared so far. I like the film poster look. Great. :slight_smile:

Great poster. I like the perfection of cyborgs.

Very atmospheric. Love it - my favorite so far.

Blobstroke Thank you so much sir
Rulonis Thank you so much for your kind words .
Boozy thanks for your feedback my friend ,it really helps me keep going . :smiley:

Here is a simple anatomy study I did a few years back .
Done in Zbrush and filtered in Photoshop for a charcoal effect .

Amazing work as always.So natural.:wink:

Thanks Diablo my friend ,its just a study but I think it works for what it is .:wink:

It’s been a couple months since my last post. In that time I’ve decided to take advantage of a treasure in my own back yard .
I have the good fortune to have been raised only a few miles from Brookgreen gardens a large outdoor garden with a collection of around 1445 works of american figurative sculptures .
So I feel its about time I try to learn from what these great sculptors can teach me .
I will be posting my progress from time to time .
The first piece I’ve been working on is one by Edward McCartan entitled Dionysus ,I hope you like it .

Ah so that’s where you’ve been the gardens?!!
Surprised you didn’t come back a Primitive after all that fresh air.

Nice sculpt - look forward to seeing what else you’ve been studying from.:+1:

Thanks Boozy, yes the gardens at Brookgreen are beautiful and the sculpture is copious .
I will have a lot to inspire me .
If you get to the states and pass through South Carolina, as an artist its a must see. :smiley: