Pygmalions sketch book

“Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.”
Hans Christian Andersen


fairy fire sm 1.jpg

wow!!! Top Row !!! :+1:

thanks ZB_holic you are too kind .

Here is a shot of the pixie mod .
Hope you guys like it .

Some more CGI elements .


cgi el.jpg

man you’ve got some awesome works here.can’t wait to see more from you.;):wink:

You should say you have used a background photograph. :wink:
Irritating for some.

Sorry If I irritated any one .
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted .
Given the great number of truely amazing photorealistic
Works on zbc ,I guess I should have indicated what was and
Wasn’t CGI first post .
Guess it didn’t occur to me .

No worries. I remember Medea. You are able to do amazing full renders. :wink:
Nice you are posting again.

I’m falling in love with keyshot .
hi guys here is a new piece I worked on with Nikki made mostly with Zbrush , though some base parts like the springs where made in max .
I absolutely love the real time render , don’t know how I lived without it .
So the keyshot render was good already, but we wanted a darker more cinematic atmosphere ,a little harsher with a dramatic sun .
so nikki used alien skin exposure 7 & Layercake for the sun .
She also saved me from messing with particle systems, by doing the sand in Photoshop also (love ya babe).
I hope you guys like it .

robo 2 cinni copy.jpg

Awesome.love it.:wink:

thanks Diablo means a lot come from you sir .
your shadow run character is looking great by the way .

Love this one, it make me feel the end of humanity or something like that :wink:

Beautiful illustration.
But,the eyes of the robot does not seem to fix the skull.

a detail.:slight_smile:

Chalian oops didn’t notice, rookie mistake .
I’ve been trying not to obsess over my work so I actually finish something from time to time ha ha.
thanks for the heads up ,pardon the pun .:wink:

atomizzer thanks man .
The title for this piece is the fossil god , that pretty much sums it up .

Here is a quick shot of the model for the last piece .


robo comp 1.jpg

Just Beautiful.So much emotion in this image.Great job buddy.:wink:

Finely executed hard surface robotics with such tender gesture and intention.
Your choice of color is wonderfully chosen to pull it back from being romantic whilst still being tender.
Not an easy thing to do at all.

Thanks diablo my friend . That means a lot
I have a story about machines, made by man to travel into space and pave the way for man kind .
They are assigned and sent in pairs to mimic human cohabitation and to increase the chance of mission success .
There mission is building habitations and terraforming distant worlds .
But what happens if we never follow them off earth ? If all communications stop .
Would thay come back for us ? what would they find ? :wink: