Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Monstermaker

Ok I know it’s not ZBrush and I know it’s not Halloween but I thought you guys might be interested in the halloween make up that I did on my daughter this year.
It’s been a long time since I have posted anything here on ZBC, I have been busy working on MIB3.
I have been using ZBrush but can’t post anything until the film comes out.

I love ZB4 but that is no surprise because I loved ZBrush ever since I first tried it way back when.

Lots of great work here. I keep checking ZBC even though I have been crazy busy and always find it inspiring.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did doing it PrideandPrejudiceand-ZombiesandBaker.jpg


The makeup replicating the look of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is superb! You’ve been a master since wayyyy back and have been an inspiration for too many years than I can think back. Whether it’s your makeup or your truly amazing Zbrushing, it’s always top row and thanks for sharing!

great costume :+1: :+1: i think ??? :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

TOO cool!! Love the make-up job…of course. Ive seen the cover but havent read the book. MIB3 using ZB? Sweeeeet very awesome. Can’t wait til you can share. I will be curious when you do on what part ZB plays in that movie for you…i mean how you used it, for concept? For actual creatures used in the movie to be animated? Built prosthetics(sp?) from? etc.

As always…GREAT to see your work and how youve used computer technology in your workflow.



I remember seeing this representation of female zombie in 2d creative I guess.


But this one is so real. at first I thought you did it in zbrush but anyway its worth looking and its amazing! Thanks for posting and I am waiting to see more stuff be it zbrush work or anything else ! :smiley:

Daddies girl I see!:smiley: Bring on the zombie apocalypse!

Horrifically beautiful!

Very cool Rick!

*ring ring

“trick or treat!!”


You know, you shouldn’t let your daughter eat those really hot Thai curries!



Pretty darn good physical makeup!


Waw fantastic…
Not very fair to compet with you for an halloween costume contest lol

Would you have pictures of the miking of?

Thx for sharing!

…gore! :lol:
I presume that you have no more ketchup for the next spagetti’s meal! :smiley:

I would have vomiting directly on your daughter if she would have rang my bell.
Without feeling sorry for that.

You have created a totally disgusting monster, monstermaker.

Can definitely see the resemblance.

Sorry, Rick…I can only give it five stars. It doesn’t go to 11!

Awesome stuff, face hurts from smiling :smiley:

That is gruesome and awesome. These eyes are pretty freaky.

Thanks for sharing this. :+1:

(I am looking forward to see your work on MIB3.)

Is Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters next;)

Not everyone gets to wear a masterpiece for a day!


Oooo, She has your eyes or was it your smile, thanks for sharing Rick.

Amazing and breathtaking !!! Thank you for sharing Rick!