Poser, models, props, oh my...

First off, I don’t own Poser, and have no interest in buying Poser. However, I’m aware from viewing some of the images here that people import poser models into ZB.

Do you need to actually own poser to use poser models in ZB? That is, can you just grab a poser model off the web, import it into ZB, “pose” it, etc.?

Also, has anyone made, or is anyone aware of, a repository of ZB objects, etc. that can be used as starting points for models? Seems like it might be a nice addition to ZBC. A library of royalty free objects/tools so that n00bs don’t always have to rebuild the wheel all the time.

Just a few questions / thoughts.

Version 3 of Poser was released on a PC magazine cover disk a few years ago. I have used it without difficulty to produce models for import into ZBrush and other 3d applications. Although I haven’t checked, if you visit the Poser home page (sorry I don’t have the address to hand, but a search on Google etc. will quickly reveal it) you may well find that this older version is available for free download.

There are masses of free meshes available for non-commercial use on the web, as any search will again testify. You need not feel constrained to use just the limited range of file types supported by ZBrush for import. With the assistance of a freeware file conversion program (e.g. Crossroads, available from numerous freeware sources) you can easily convert most of these into a suitable format for importing using the Polymesh tool.

One little tip - if you use the freeware program EleFont to produce text for use in ZBrush (or less likely, Spiralizer from the same source), you will not be able to import the DXF file successfully. This however is easily rectified by passing it through Crossroads (among some other similar programs) and “converting” it from DXF to DXF. Because of minor internal differences in this file format, you will now be able to use the resultant file in ZBrush.

learn something every day. Thanks Bill. :slight_smile:


The URL is http://www.curiouslabs.com as I’m sure you found out.

EZ had built up a toolbox of zsphere objects in a whole series of threads. Maybe someone can find them for you.

In searching for a way to avoid Poser, I found the DMOZ/Open Directory had assembled a links list to 3D models. Not all Poser objects, but I’m willing to bet many are in a format ZB can use, or can be converted to use.

SURFER BEWARE-- I haven’t dared wandering around in these links after I got the WinFixer virus for doing such a foolish thing unprotected while looking for freebie fonts. But, the list is long:



Just on the off chance you want to work with some poser characters, you can do so using DAZ|Studio.

It’s free from Daz Studios.

It manipulates, poses, renders… It’s a pretty neat app.

You might also wander by Renderosityor 3D Commune for some free content (safe places).

Poser is pretty cool to have. There are tonns of cheap and very professional meshes to get and you can export meshes to .obj which ZBrush can read. Also import from Zbrush works well and you can pose and add hair to your model. And… within the limited capabilities, even animate your model. The only problem is that ZBrush can work with only one texture file. Poser supports multiple texture projections so most of the fancy textures won’t get into ZBrush. But the mesh always does. Poser is a great source for BodyParts if you need them quickly.


I’ve been using poser for a couple years (couldn’t afford anything else). and have had zbrush2 for over a year now, but it has been such a steap learning curve for me that I really haven’t used it until the past 6 months. I feel like a “rip off” or a “macheezmo” for importing a model from poser, instead of using zbrush from start to finish, but seeing how many are using other programs, it’s like zbrush is almost a 3rd part finisher or used just for detail or texture, coming in from maya, 3ds or lightwave. So i am loosing that perspective a little.

Anyway, you can get a ton of free models in all file formats from http://www.renderosity.com in the free section. And absolutely, you can use DAZstudio for posing before importing. if your not familiar with UVmapper, which is free, you should… it can really help with grouping and setting up a texture map. http://www.uvmapper.com

p.s I cross work, bringing meshes into poser from zbrush, and back to zbrush, but I am really loving zbrush more at this point.

I’m diggin that piece man. I’m not sure if you’re open for some c&c, but I’d add some “spikes” to his hands and feet to give it a more convincing touch.

Very nice though…good job!

I have yet to see a sign which says: “Thou shall roast in Hell whilst using others models!”. People who do not model but compose scenes with an artisktik ambition using other models and props are just fine for me as long as they do not claim otherwise. I use the Poser lib for spare parts in a hurry. It’s my scrap yard into which I love to wander and pick stuff here and there.

Finally the thread I have been waiting for.
Have Poser, have bought considerable material from DAZ.
I believe if you go there you will be able to download Michael 3
and Victoria 3 free ( may have to join)
Using the Poser models here has always been accompanied by sneer
and scorn until recently.
A few years ago, if you mentioned that an image you posted had another program involved ( Maya, Max, Xsi, etc) the image disappeared. Photoshop
was even frowned upon.
Now, it is recognized that zbrush, besides being a helluva program on
it’s own, is an excellent adjunct to most programs (Poser included)
There are a lot of professional houses to whom deadlines could never have
been met without the “Poser Kids”.
Agree totally with everything Lemmonado said.
One disclaimer however, Poser models are great for practical use and for
learning purposes.
They do not, however ,replace breaking your ass to make your own as a learning experience.

Salvador Dali in ZBrush! Nice image, keep going! And yes indeed, do not forget the rusty nails…

I agree , I totaly agree with it.
A true artist won’t go and get other artist leg and make the necessay adjustments and claim that it is his/hers own leg. Having said that, I agree using Poser with Zb, but the final piece, please give some credencial to those who build the models. MY OPINION, I’m just not kin in using other models already built, it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t… it’s just not me, I would rather build from scratch everything, as the final piece gives you the sense of great achievement, self fulfiled and you know where you are with your skills. Not mentioning that improves your skills heaps by practicing!! Pratice Pratice makes the Master. Not against anyone though. For me, when I see a great piece of art work, but Poser was used in it, I will simply change channel.

Poser Poser… hummm…nah…

“Not against anyone though. For me, when I see a great piece of art work, but Poser was used in it, I will simply change channel.”

these two sentences seem kinda contrary to me. Not against anyone using poser but if a “great work of art” used poser or a model I will change the channel.

seems to me that by changing the channel on a “great work of art” just because it used a poser model…you are against it. You dismiss the hard work, thought, feeling whatever the artist put into that great work of art because you have something against the tools they used to achieve this great work of art.

but maybe i read it wrong?

Yes you miss understood what I said. I am not against at all the use of other tools, everybody expresses their art by using whatever ways they need to achieve that, but I think that to achieve the sense of fulfilness and achievement, if someone starts from scratch an art or whatever visual element, it does have more meaning, rather then saying that I went to Poser and grab a model already done. Just an opinion.
I would give 10 points (0 to 10) to an artist who would build from scratch a great art then someone just went and grab something that it was already made and just pulled some strings here and there. :slight_smile:
But of course, different art different opinions. It was always like that and it will remain like that. No doubt, there are plenty of wonderful arts amongs zbrush community and I am only refering to Zb. It’s always great to see someone pulling out a nice zb art, then someone who grab one leg here and there, mouted together and post it. NEVER THE LESS, I’m not against that.

ok I have to get into this. Why? Because of all the people that frequent this forum I (that is of those who post to) think I have a deeper insight into Poser than most. How do I have a deeper insight? I was one of the original moderators that started Renderosity during a very tumultuous time in the Poser world. I was the one who started the 2d forum and the 2d gallery. All the other 2d application specific forums there like Photoshop grew out from the 2d forum. I even remember when Pixiologic (sorry cant remember specific name) posted to the then new Renderosity. Had I stayed there I had plans to try and start the Zbrush forum there as I was so impressed by it. Of course my roots in Poser and Bryce go back even further than that predating the old PFO which was the direct ancestor of Renderosity. So Yah I think I know a bit. I have seen this argument played out at many times in many ways over the years.

Poser is just a tool, Zbrush is just a tool, Maya is just a tool. Characters created for Poser and available to the masses are all merely tools in the toolbox. They are only means to an end that being the artistic vision that has set the person using those tools into motion. Yes there is quite a bit of satisfaction to building a character from scratch and I am only touching the tip of the iceberg there. But Poser and Bryce have both enabled me to fulfill at least Some of my visions. I fully expect Zbrush to fulfill the rest and if I use a model castle from some one like the great Luca Rudolpho as a background shot or foreground then I am using it in my own way, for my own purpose and the reulting image is Entirely original. It takes time to make a scene that works whether using Poser or anything else. It takes effort no matter What program you use. People who disparge the use of Poser need to loosen up. Art is art no matter what tools are used and it comes from the heart of the individual.

umm i dont know what you just said in that huge speech, but the picture is pretty cool. nice job:+1:

LOL thx Dark, I do tend to get long winded and passionate. Thats an old old image I did in the back when. Thx :slight_smile:

Yes, main point is to relax, be able to have your opinnion, and enjoy the tools and the results. And that’s what makes this Community so nice. And it would be sad if we could not inspire each other with new techniques, tools, and ideas. I learned so much on this forum because of the extreme bandwidth of tools used in conjunction with Zbrush.


Would like to point out that “this thing we do”, has two levels.
The artist working on his particular project, and the people that
do it for a living to whom results and time are extremely important.
Both come here in various guises.
The artist on his own, with time to spare and his own personal sense of
artistic integrity chooses to use and “exploit” those tools that enable
him to express his views.
The person doing it for a living approaches it differently.
Very often he is working with software that the firm for which
they work prefer.
There is also the dirty problem of deadlines.
If there is anything I think we can agree on ,is that there are many
programs that do basically the same thing.
I think we can also agree that if you have a favorite you tend ot stick up
for it here.
What we all 100 percent agree is that zbrush is a fantastic program
that appeals to both the artist and the “worker bee”
The posts in this forum reflect the views and problems and joys of both sides
of the aisle.
My own opinion has always been. I look at the finished product.
If I like it, I like it, congratulations to the creator.
If I don’t and it has an element that looks like something
I can use, I will investigate it.
I don’t care what created it, with the bottom line being I am told what did it.
To submit a program that was basically created in, say Maya, and purported
to be Zbrush only is misleading to us all.
Poser, Vue, Maya, Max, Modo, Xsi, Zbrush,Xbrush, Ybrush, are just tools.

What was the question again?

I made this post long so Tartan would not feel bad:D