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Hi everyone, I decided to take some time and finally do some proper Zbrushing. No base meshes, just zspheres, extractons and quite a few subtools! Here’s my first character. His name is Yuu, a little sumo superhero!
Created entirely in ZB4. Composition in CS5.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

SculptSheet.jpgSumo Final.jpg



hey that looks good. Nice zbrush render :+1:

Thanks, d_lavega. Was a lot of fun to do and I learnt a lot doing it. :slight_smile:

Love the concept of sumo super hero, very original!!! great design and render as well!

Thanks Manzarek123. Been off ill for a while with a broken elbow but should have some new stuff to show soon. WIP shots…


I utterly love your superheroe, good job :+1:

Thanks Mervin. Finally got round to doing a new sketch. Based on a wicked concept by Ani


Threw some colour on him and did a quick pass in PS.

![Gentleman FinalSmall.jpg|850x1018](upload://zu9dwaDbRMbjvdLCi9ZlbzqzlIM.jpeg)

Nice character design, I love it

Hi guys been a while since I posted last, here’s a fun little piece I was toying with. Just experimenting with Shave and a haircut and Vray. Original sculpt done in Zbrush. Cheers!

I also did a high res render HERE

Not your CousinWeb.jpg

Zbrush Render


I also rendered one of my older pieces. Better background I think. :slight_smile:



Not your CousinWeb.jpg

Hi everyone. Long time no post, been pretty busy but was messing with dynamesh today and popped this guy out, might take him further.


Well done, very funny characters. What tool did you use for the retopology ?

Thanks, abiko. I used Topogun.

Piggy scared of swimming. Rendered in Zbrush.





Great work on your sumo superhero =) He definently has character aswell as the other charcter sculpt =)
You definently got your own style going it, keep that mate!
Best regards,

  • Kenny:)

Thanks KC. :+1:

Long time no post in this thread. Been busy with work and Omar


This is just a bit of nostalgia. Altogether now… “Captain…” :lol:





I love it!:smiley:

Thanks, EdgarHdez. :slight_smile:

Captain Caveman! Holy freakoly Batman. That is a character you would not expect to see here on the forum.
Great job!