Polaroid29's Sketchbook Of Sorts


@Sparky thank you as always for watching my work and giving me such good help :+1:. Can’t wait to see more of your work as well.

@dapharmer thank you thank you thank you, that’s exactly what I needed. my original intent for her was to be an African woman but with a very odd mysterious vibe about her. I was originally just gonna make the lioness features be facepaint, but I wanted to push her harder and make her more odd. I agree with Sparky that the mane is not accurate with an actual lioness, but I like it with fitting her as a model-esque character. You were totally right, posing her and thinking about her character more helped a lot. It’s why I decided to push her proportions a little harder, make her legs much longer etc

I think it’s the best rendering my skills will allow me to do, so until I learn better ways to do it, I think this is as good as it’s gonna get. What I mean by that is, somebody tell me the secret to getting a Stumpf render, pretty pretty please :o! I’m also trying to push Zbrush Hair as far as I can without having to go to another package for hair&fur. Hope you guys like it, and I’m absolutely still open to critiques or opinions :slight_smile:


ZBC, best forums ever? I think yes!




now thats exactly what i had in mind when i saw her! very nice… glad i could be of even a little help.


Hell Yeah Polaroid she has turned into one sexy ass Lioness

Crit at this stage would be her arms look a bit wonkey donkey :wink:

Oooh and how about some high heels :wink:

Awwh thanks guys, I appreciate it :). This render good enough to call her done and drop her in the portfolio?!

the only think i would possible suggest is maybe toss a belt on her…bring some focus to the certain of the pose… (never a bad thing to force attention to a woman in a sexy poses’ hips :wink: ) and maybe add a light touch of texturing to the cloth material… it’s hard to tell if its tights, rubber, or a… leo-tard :wink: sorry had to go there.

if you’ve got all your original low subd levels and your uvs a nice and square then a regular uvtile set of uv’s + a texturemap using a nice wrappable cloth texture… make an alpha out of that texture… displacement map out of that alpha… set to like .0001 and apply dispmap (not texture.) … and you’ve got yourself a fabric texture… i’ll look through the collection ive ammassed and see if i can find something good for a nylon texture if you’re interested

That would be a lifesaver! I’ve tried forever to find a good tileable spandex or leo-tard (HAHA) texture, but can’t find a good one anywhere.

none of these are directly spandex or anything… but spandex is a trditional stitching pattern anyway just with tighter stitching… so a smaller size texture would fit well but use your judgement. if all else fails if you have any spandex material or go buy a 1$ stocking from a cvs :wink: … take some pictures and make your own tile.

these should all be tileable for the most part … just keep in mind your not caring bout the color and just experiemtn with varios uv positions and displacements…

the last file p1000191.jpg would have probably produced the nicest clean results but unfortunately its not 100% tileable. if you’re handy with photoshop though you could probably clip it down to 500x500 and fiure out how to arrange it to be mostly tileable… or use it as a starting point to create a new texture with… but yeah u can either probably go with the stitching overlay which with all black and a little spec will look like nylon anyway, or the dotted look which with a little bit of spec would almost look like the material of the new spiderman suit (the basketball look i call it :\ ) … which i dont think works with the spiderman colors but would look perfectly fine all black with a tiny bit of shine.

either way experimenting is gonna be necessary to produce results and whether you choose to go with texturing or not the result you’ve gotten to already would be fine to include as is… not worth going nuts over a single detail if your not able to get that detail to work the way you want…






high detail test image of that last texture… this one section of the model alone has like 2.4mil polys so it may not be … “practical” :smiley: … but this is untweaked with standrad 3pt lighting and basicmat2 … the only coloring i did was darkgrey surface and black cavity.

i’m sure with some more effort you’d be able to get some wicked detail for nylon using this texture and a hi hi poly count if ur rig can handle it




nice works. i love the man at the mushroom and his face expression and pose :+1: :smiley:

Thank you dapharmer! Those are great. I’m going to revisit her soon and try to work some texture into her clothing. It looks great in your render.

@rodion vlasov thanks man, I appreciate it :smiley: it was really fun not having to worry about symmetry, or being anatomically correct or anything like that and just enjoying creating some fun art.

Here’s a new character I started today. She’s meant to be a queen of sorts, a rotten one however. Not sure what to do with the hair yet. I’m thinking of giving her a headdress woven by spiders or something, maybe. I want to make her dress more interesting still also. Any crits so far? :slight_smile:




looking forward to seeing the end result of this one Polaroid , cant really give any crit on it

Haven’t had much time to work, just moved and started school for CG :D. Something is not sitting right with me about her, gotta figure it out! Did some work on more clothing though, what do you guys think so far?




hey man… i think the issue you may have with this atm is the clothing folds don’t seem to lay on her body but on themselves… if u get what i’m saying… for nice long flowing dresses the bulk of the clothing fold will be straight top to bottom like in the attached pictures.

anything the moves more side to side is usually a smaller fold along the sides:






Hey dapharmer, thanks for stoppin by again :slight_smile: how’s it goin? You’re totally right about the cloth, I recently moved so I didn’t have internet to check any reference! Fixing that asap.

I started on a character that is going to be one of her slaves, carrying the back of her dress in the shot. He’s a frail lil guy! Hope you guys like it so far.






hehe he looks good.

my one suggestion when he’s ready to mix with the “queen” … give him a nice look of semi revulsion, akin to what kif from futurama always has on his face when talking to zap brannigan. :slight_smile: … the … oh my god why do i have to suffer this fool look :

[attach=270355]59401.gif[/attach] head tilted up… snooty kinda face… eyes rolling back… etc etc

unless the guy is supposed to have undying loyalty and servitude… then that doesn’t work :wink: … but if you’re going for a more comicy cartoon appearance to it then he definitely would work as comic relief with that kind of look on his face




Haha nice! My idea for this guy is he’s gonna be the Queen’s slave, carrying her dress. I guess sortof akin to Dobby from Harry Potter. I’m thinking of giving him some really ragged hand-me-down clothes and a torn coat with a long coat tail. Did some color work and detailing on him to see if I’m ready for full body :slight_smile:




It is progressing beautifully.

Here is MY deal: post effects are something that compliment the image without overpowering it. The DOF is a bit much. The trick with all post effects is to be subtle…almost subliminal. Watch out for all that which might be seen as an overdose to hide your fears. Always remember, a pinch is better then a punch (Though there are exceptions…this is not the case here though).

You are most definitely on the right track. Just dial back your “Extra Cheez” as I call it. Albeit my opinion, I hope my philosophy helps.
If you find my words in error, just disregard my words as personal fastidiousness. This is, however, my collective experience.

Looking forward to where you go from here.

Cheers Mate;


P.S. - Keep it up and never stop your growth!

Heeyy, thanks for your honesty MAH, I absolutely appreciate it :slight_smile:

I agree, as well. That photo actually doesn’t have any post work other than a little level boost, the DOF is all done in Zbrush. I felt like my presentation was getting very stagnant and boring, so I tried to spruce it up a bit. Looks like I need to go back and figure out how to tone it down a bunch!


Started working out the rest of his body, trying to nail the proportions to really give him a more interesting look. Any opinions or crits thus far?






my only idea would be reverse the knee joints… you can make him bow even lower while holding the queen’s gown that way :wink: … make it look like his species was born for their role in servitude within their anatomy