Polaroid29's Sketchbook Of Sorts

Hello everyone, how are you? As I’ve been posting here more and more lately, I’ve found myself using Zbrush nearly everyday in the hopes of furthering my abilities and enjoying it more and more. So as opposed to to individual threads, I figured I’d post just one to track my progress on all the quick sketches. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to all of the learning I’ll be doing thanks to you all :slight_smile:

Here are two hour long sculpts I’ve done to kick it off. They are bare-knuckle brawlers!






Decided to start coloring the second guy :slight_smile:




New sketch from me :). A lot of work left on this guy. As of right now, these are his real eyes, and he’s going to be wearing some glasses that give the illusion of normal eyes.






Testing out different fabrics for the sweater vest!




Polaroid29 That is one hell of an awesome jumper

Heeyyy thanks sparky :slight_smile: you always take the time to comment on my works, and I really appreciate it! :+1:

A new sketch from today! The hair is temporary and I plan on taking him into Maya and giving him some Hair&Fur, and styling it a little more slicked back. Any crits? Hope you guys like it so far :slight_smile:




That Sweater looks awesome :smiley:

thats a nice take on a young Dracula

@Hondo_1 and Sparky3d

Thanks guys :). Doing some more cloth work on him and updated the hair a little.




I’d suggest change the colour of his waistcoat to a shade of red

Hey it’s Eddy Munster!

@sparky I was thinking about that actually, but thought it might end up looking too tacky. I tried it anyway though and think it looks better!

@mikala good eye :D. The Munsters is a favorite of mine. Though I think he will look a lot different when I redo his hair in Maya.





After a million headaches trying to get displacement maps and normal maps and texture maps etc into Maya to do some hair and mental ray render, I gave up and decided to just render in Zbrush instead and call it done with. Hope you guys like it so far :slight_smile:





Heya Polaroid yeah the Red looks a lot better :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it. Thanks for the suggestion Sparky :slight_smile:

Did another render. Tried to go for the classic feel of the character. Hopefully did it justice :o. I’m starting to get the hang of fibers and rendering in Zbrush.




New finished render. Hope you all viewing it like it even if you don’t comment :). I’m a little skeptical of the lighting still and thing I might fix the shadows on his face, but we’ll see.




Can we see other angles? I’m still trying to figure out proper rendering/lighting. Was this all in Zbrush? He reminds me of myself after a long day at work. Great work.

Polaroid I’m not so keen on the last young Dracula render

@shrimpcat sure, I’ll try to render out a few different angles when I get home from work. This was 100% Zbrush from original base mesh all the way to final render, with the exception of making the background and compositing the layers in Photoshop. There are 3 different light passes composited together, back right, front right and back left. Thank you for the kind words man :slight_smile:

@Sparky hey pal! what part aren’t you liking so much? I like the color render more myself also, I was just having some fun trying to give it a more vintage “barely getting color” tv look :slight_smile: