Playing with my new toy -Minor Nudity

Well, after years of waiting for a better interface, I finally just threw in the towel and got ZBrush 3. I was amazed at how much I remembered from the old ZBrush 1.5b (think it was) trial. Plus, ZB3 seems to be tons more powerful and I was actually able to work on something in it for a change! Consider me a convert.

I’ll be working on multiple meshes at a time, trying to learn the app fully while doing it. All my models start in Silo (yes, I’m that Teyon) and I’m going to be bringing the sculpts from Silo into ZBrush for final work overs or retouching. Here’s the first, it’s not much but have at it:

This is the other one I’m working on. They should keep me busy I think. :slight_smile:


Minor Update.

Another Update.



the pic with the minotaurish dude…back turned kind of squatting…made me do a double take as i walked back in after picking up dinner…oy!

looks like you are picking up z3 pretty quick…think you are gonna really like the topo stuff…takes a second to get the hang of it…once you do tho…woohoo …sky’s the limit…well heck there are no limits…enjoy. :lol:

Thanks! Steady as she goes, I guess. I’ve so much to learn! Here’s my recent attempt:

Really didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with it but ah well, it’s finished.

The Hulk - A begining.

Dusty Abel asked if he could use my old Invincible model in an upcoming Trade Paperback but I lost the model in a hard drive failure a month or so ago. Not one to leave a buddy hanging, I’ve decided to redo the model and throw in a few more too! This is one of the “extras” anyone familiar with the comic should recognize him as Omni-Man, Invincible’s alien father.



very nice!

Thanks! New WIP. Still lots to do.

More updates.

Very cool. I recognize THanos instantly! WHo is the bee guy? I also like the with the strange upperlip.

Thanks! Those two characters are from the comic book “Invincible” They are Omni-Man (the guy with the mustache) and Invincible (his son/enemy).


Looking good. Omni Man eyes look a bit too far apart for some reason. Hulk’s face seems a bit too gentle/young to me but that could just be working from the usual look of him. Sorry, again, on your hard drive crash.

Hey, thanks! The problem isn’t that they’re too far apart, it’s that they’re pointing in opposite directions. lol. I guess that’s what I get for rushing. I’ve since carved them out of the head to be replaced by spheres. Hopefully that’ll make things better. As for the Hulk, yeah, he does look young and I spoke with Keron Grant about that (which prompted him to makea new “older looking” drawing) but to be honest, I kinda like the youthfull look now. Who knows, I may end up with two versions. I figured out how to make his pants today! YAY! Gotta love the masking in ZBrush.

That could be it too … I jsut looked at it quickly and didn’t notice pointing LOL I like the Young Hulk too but he doesn’t speak Hulk to me as much when he is young.

Thanks buddy!

Here’s something I did to try and teach myself to use alphas. I may have over done it a little bit.

Inspired by Nickz

I like the yellow guy. Invincible?