Pixologic Video: Constructing A Face

Fantastic, thanks.

Awesome. Thanks! I’m gonna be refering to that a lot.

Very well, but there are defects. The leather should smooth muscles. At you it in some places is, and in others is not present.

Very informative! thanks Ryan!

ha Ryan you are one tricky dog…send me out looking for 2.5 and forget about me…hmmm ok…I see how ya are…

I am almost willing to forgive ya now for this way cool series of vids…except ya made me say that before I could come up with a stupid 23 poem…this has never happened to me before…i swear…?

Mom? Anyone?..Helpppppppppppppppppp…oy.

When I try to extract the zip file I get errors.

Edit. Nevermind. I downloaded it again, and this time it extracts.

Thanks a lot. *Really Great!

Loved the chariot race!!!

This video proves that the So-called Ryan is just an alien studying our human anatomy just like we do with the rest of the animal kingdom !

and for your information Mr. Alien … i’ve seen this Video before on the

yeah we do researches on you too !

BTW , how do you Alien Guys produce small videos like these ?
The_Earth_Mars_Wiki does not provide 1,2,3 Steps for getting such results .

That’s awesome! Really looks like you’re putting different colored clays and laying them on top of each other…looks really fun to do too, i have to try it out sometime :slight_smile:

…anatomic skinned seems also very easy to make with this method! :wink:


A Zoomify movie on the website of one of Rey’s sculpts is a great companion when looking for reference for modeling this way!!

Very nice Ryan. Thank you for sharing!

My favorite brush is the rake.


Thanks Ryan ,inspiring… will have to give it a whirl…

thx so much for this…im trying to learn some anatomy so this video is what i wanted :smiley:
thx again.

Thanks for the tutorial.

In the video the brush cursor is a round circle which displays all the time whilst sculpting how can you change the default cursor to this one?

womball - sorry, I misunderstood you. The clay brush won’t blend materials. Right now, i would suggest doing this as a post activity. Use Photoshop or ZBrush’s 2D tools to blend on a 2D image.

ambient - yeah, it was a simple idea and in fact, I didn’t even think about the material aspect till later. I simply recorded a zscript and added the change in materials after the fact. Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

cyfer - I’m afraid you know too much! :smiley: To get videos this size follow the steps below:

  1. In the quicktime exporter choose MPEG-4, uncheck the data limit box, keyframe every frame, choose best quality for the compression.
  2. Open the exported file in Quicktime Pro and export it again with H264, quality at about 90 and auto keyframe.
Thaine - right now, you can not change the cursor shape while working in ZBrush. :)




thanks For the compression info
ummmmmmm , to tell you the truth … i miss the Voice Narration

Nice one Ryan… :smiley:

amazing really excellent…:+1: 05 stars

but as allways, i ask u buddy to record a zscript for us hobbist

thank u at all.

ryan its a wondeful experience watching u doing this… i can imagine the level of ur enjoyment wen u were doing this…