Pixologic Video: Constructing A Face

Hello! Today we are releasing a new video designed to show users a useful approach towards learning form and anatomy. The video was made by yours truly! :slight_smile:

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The 1st part is focused on establishing the main shapes of a skull:

  • The mandible
  • The eye sockets
  • The cheek bones
  • The major shapes of the cranium
The 2nd part is focused on establishing the important musculature:
  • Frontalis
  • Obicularis Oculi
  • Obicularis Oris
  • M. buccinator
  • M. zygomaticus
  • Buccinator
  • Masseter
  • And others
Was that professional sounding enough? :D

Now since you can paint materials while you sculpt I added in a special bonus for you guys and made the distinction between bone and muscle even more obvious by using the MatCap Red Wax material for all the muscle areas. :slight_smile:

The 3rd part is focused on the skin and fat or filler. My goal was not to create an ecorche but to focus on the musculature and skeletal forms that were most important to the surface of the face.

How Did I Do It?

I used only two brushes during the entire time:

  • Clay brush with elevation set to around 10, freehand stroke, and Alpha: Brush 28 (for almost everything)
  • Std brush with Freehand Stroke and Alpha: Brush 18 (for cutting into the form)
I used masks. Learn more [here](http://www.zbrush.info/docs/index.php/Masking).

I filled the skeleton with the MatCap Skeleton material. To learn how to fill an object with a material click here.

I painted with materials. To do this, press M on the shelf and paint away.

For more resources check out the following links:

A Human Face

Happy ZBrushing!

Ryan Kingslien




Great one Ryan. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

You kick butt, Ryan!

Being able to paint the polygons has changed the way I work for sure. It can help planning so much in doing things like topology or marking out placement of horns, etc.

Love the technique!

loved the video ryan this is a must for everyone amiture or pro to watch amazing stuff

Most humble thanks:)

Just watched it , this is an awesome video , very educational, thank you !!

Really nice to see so much knowledge put together with such brush control and good taste. Really beautiful and helpfull video. Thank you for that. :wink:

Thank you for the lesson, Ryan! I’ll be dissecting this one for a while!

Your videos always interest me. However, with the time laps we don’t get to hear your calm voice which is always a pleasure. At any rate, very interesting method. Thank you again for bringing another very interesting video to my library as well has helping the community.

Great Video! The technique is awesome, I have to try that out.
Thx a lot for sharing Ryan.

Thats… just fascinating!! I didn’t even realize you could do things like that with Z3. Thanks for this big eye-opener Ryan! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

for sure a great help to zbrusher!!!:+1:
Thanks Ryan

really great technique! it’s also very close to the way of sculpting in reality.
a lot of people will learn a lot by doing this type of exercice! very clever! :+1: :+1: :+1:

there is also this site which is really good for muscle and facial expression as well


Can’t wait to try this. It gives a me an idea for a future project. Anyway to blend the muscle to the bone?


Meats - glad you like it. Can’t wait for your dvd to come out. :slight_smile:

Lil’sister - that is a very cool site! Really awesome presentation. :slight_smile:

se7enthcin - I will probably add audio. stay tuned. :slight_smile: (not to closely, though, Siggraph is going to keep us all busy.)

womball - the clay brush is a god send for blending. Did you see the Mesh insert tutorial here? The clay brush with the freehand stroke will easaily blend forms into each other. :slight_smile:



So even the material can blend with the clay brush?

that was some awesome coolness there ryan. its funny how a few such simple concepts can be used together to give you this really neat approach to creating sulptures. this will be great for concept sculpters everywhere.

Very cool video and technique you used, it both looks and feels like real clay when you work with it in the video. It sure impressed me. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to create more videos of the same clayish style, love to watch them and learn new stuff.

/ Max

quite interesting technique
but… I can’t realize, that model consists of 3 subtools or only one polymesh? :confused:

Thank you Ryan ,

ZBrush finally forced me to study anatomy , …and it’s FUN !