Phil China Sketchbook

The Master of Ginaz

Hello everybody!.
here is my second posting on this super forum, entirely produced using Zbrush with bpr render.
A small hommage to Frank Frazetta with the Death Dealer coat of arms.

I hope you’ll like it."



Hey there Friend, I really enjoyed your sculpting of these models.

But in the renders I feel that a little stronger Specularity and SubSurface Scattering could do wonders.


Very nice. Everything was done inside of ZBrush, as in modeled or painted there, rather than being imported from some other app? How many layers did you use?

Ratone = Thanks :wink:

Doug jones = just Zbrush, polypaint, spotlight and bpr :wink:

His traveling companion.

That’s a cool creature :slight_smile:
One thing that hits me right away is the lack of “weight”. The model would benefit from having more compression in the feet for example :slight_smile:

i like your animal!

Santis = Hello, not obvious, look at the rhino :wink:

xexes = Thanks.

This is very cool!

I keep looking at this and I agree, your beasty is excellent.

MealeaYing = thank you for the comment. :wink:

The Master of ginaz





Great job … i really love the look of this! :smiley:


Hi David, thanks for comment, :wink:

Best regards

Wow, I missed your beast … Both he and his armor are awesome! :wink:

Cheers, David

He,he…thanks David.:cool:

Damn dude this is some great stuff. keep it up, love your armored beast :smiley:

Thanks for comment TJLaw. :cool:

everything perfect, personally i’ll add some cuts here and there to have a bit ruined surface on leather and metal ( |m| )
btw excellent work

Very nice work on your Master of Ginaz Philuxius!!