Phil China Sketchbook

:slight_smile: i think you did a great job, how long did you use Zbrush :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Awesome work you made Philuxius!!! Thanks for giving me the tip about armor ! :D:D:D

I thought I had replied to this thread already and I hadnt sheesh. I like your gladiator and beast image. It’s nice to see completed visions done in this style :+1:

LVXIFER @ Thanks :wink:

Totyo @ Merci Thomas :wink:

WilDT @ five year :wink:

fivewingangel @ Tanks, it’s very simple, uses noisemaker and spotlight, with a choice of a good texture. :wink:

Tartan @ Thanks. :cool:

Tehy would make use from a more dynamic poses but modeling is great!

Very good work :wink:

Thanks, here :wink:

thanks :wink:

Hi everyone, I’vadded some modifications, I hope you’ll like it.

Hi everyone, I tried to stay sober on the musculature,
I hope you enjoy it.
ACHILE 1.jpg
ACHILE 3.jpg
ACHILE 5.jpg
ACHILE 4.jpg

Hello everyone, my latest personal work, a space musician,
a little peace in this world of war.

Software used:
ZBrush, Cinéma 4D, Keyshot 7Pro, Photoshop

Shan 1.jpg

Shan 3.jpg

Shan 4.jpg

Shan 7.jpg


Shan 2.jpg

Shan 5.jpg

Shan 6.jpg

Shan 8.jpg

Shan 9.jpg

Shan 10.jpg

Shan 11.jpg

A cool vibe. Jamming to the dawn:+1:
I used to envy birds in flight but now I envy this guy (or girl or gender fluid individual)

Thanks boozy :wink:

Good job !!!

Thanks for the comment. :wink:

We can finally see the end goal of the alien seat :slight_smile:

Yes of course Thomas. :wink: