Paul Gaboury WIPs

Hello Everyone

I figured I would share what I have been working on. This is not even close at being done, but I thought I would share where I am at with the project. This is not meant to be 100% realistic. It is more of a stylized character that I just started to work on. Let me know what you think.


Thats it for now. Enjoy!





Here is something else that I have been working on. This is the first part of a Roman Chest plate. I’m not to sure how I feel about the design in between the two horses. I was also thinking about putting a large eagle on the middle part of the chest.


Let me know what you think. I am working on these two still and they both have a long way to go. Of course I have other things I’m working on too but these I would just like to get done. Thanks for looking.





Nice work thanks for sharing those great detailing techniques!

Nice start Paul. Like the big glasses. I’m a sucker for stylized characters.
Chest plate is coming along nicely too.

looking good paul

great to see you start a thread ! keep them up !

This is the clamp for the cape the Roman will have. It will be on the top of the front of the chest plate.


Let me know what you think.




hey paul, looks really good. I like the detail level.:+1:

hey chris

thank you man

That’s a cool clamp. I like the detailing. ZBrush is perfect for doing armour - I shall enjoy watching this develop.

:lol: I lke your character:D
:cool: armour shaping up - more:D

Ihave seen some of your Zbrush tutorials and would you consider one for

How I did the horse is I used a scan from a NextEngine Desktop Scanner that I got from the NextEngine team, then used size in deformations to make it skinny so I could use the mesh as a tool in Projection Master. This gave me a good outline and then I had to go and sculpt in all the detail.

showing the image used to be sacned how it was scaned up to the finished model.

When you have time stop by and read my post
The ZBrush 3.1 Brainstorming for Art and Illustration Log
link in sig

oooh I do like that clamp Paul :):+1:

hey paul, those details are looking tight. did you use radial symmetry for the clamp?

Great work with the high-frequency detailing, very clean and tight!

I would suggest you present these WIP shots with other shaders which would show off these details more, i.e. shaders which enhance the cavities more to bring out more detail for presentation, just a suggestion, I really like RS Grey Clay for that for instance.

Great work! Waiting for more updates :smiley:

red republic

yes I did use radial symmetry and I also made some alphas to do the other details.


thank you for the suggestion. I do plan to make some MatCap materials for this.


Here are the first steps of texturing for the old man. Still have a longs way to go


Let me know what you think,thanks.


good progress Paul :slight_smile: Some small suggestions if I may be so bold:) - the chin of the old man looks strange and young in comparison to the neck - you have the folds on the neck appearing out of nowhere rather than continuing from the chin area… even if he’s a slim person his skin would sag under the lower jaw and join the neck - right now you can barely see it as it starts too far back towards the neck [not sure I make myself clear :roll_eyes: ]

Also the ears are going too much into the skull - I’d pull them out a bit more at the base.

Last thing - the upper eyelid is too much on the same level as the lower one in the outer corners of the eyes - the upper lid always comes out more and sort of folds on top of the lower lid :slight_smile:

keep’em coming :D:+1:

Magda thank you for the input. I greatly appreciate it. This is why I am putting up the flow so I can fix as I go on.:smiley: If I understand you I have to start the folds from the back of the jaw. I will look for some references unless you have some. Talk to you later.


Skin texture is looking good. Did you do that from photo ref or just hand paint it? You should throw some eyes in him even if they are just place holder. Eyes add so much to the look of the character (no punt intended).


I did not use a reference. I just hand painted it. Good idea about the eyes. Hopefully I can work on him some more this weekend.