Paul Gaboury WIPs

It has been a while but I wanted to share some quick sculpts I did. I think these may grow into something else.

Here is a sculpt I did in about 35mins


Here is another one I did in about 45mins. It is some futuristic character:D May build off this one.


I plan to use this eagle on my Roman Chest Plate that I have been developing. Let me know what you think. I will be putting the image of the eagle on the plate up soon.


Hope you all enjoy.:wink:






Nice job on that eagle Paul - feels like it’s been stitched in wire and thread, like they do on banners and uniforms. The head sculpts feel a little elongated towards the back atm, especially the first one! Great to see you at it again :+1:

Hey Paul,

Nice eagle. Have you been inspired by Gladiator?

Nice to see your stuffs man!

Nice detailing on the ornaments.
Very clean:+1:

paul the eagle is awesome! I really love it. I would agree with Mag on the heads they do feel abit elongated toward the back, but that is an easy fix. Your stuff is looking great though keep up the good work. :+1: :+1:

Magda, Chris and Sebastien thank you for the comments. I agree that the heads do seem a little elongated. Easy fix:D I will be getting the eagle on the chest plate up soon.

John I was inspired a little by Gladiator.

Talk to everyone later.


Hey ZBrushCentral

Here is the finished chestplate with the eagle on it. I have much more to do and hopefully I will get that up soon. Talk to all of you later.



the armour plate could use some more refining but the eagle and the other details look really nice.!

keep it up and practice!!

Hey Paul.
Nice armor… still waiting to see progress on the other sculpt.:wink:
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

Nice work paul ! the armor looks great the eagle just rocks!

Hello Community

Here is a dolphin that i made for a ring that I am making. I will show the finished product once it is done. In the meantime I thought I would have a little fun. Just playing around a little. :lol:


Talk to you all later. Will have more for this one. :slight_smile:




Great work, I love it!

Hi Paul, that’s a beautiful sculpt! Would love to see a turntable! :+1: !

It’s always good to see art with a porpoise…:slight_smile:

Nice job Paul! Those look great! Can’t wait to see the final product!

Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

Here is a boxer that I have been working on. I hope to finish him up this weekend and I am planning on 3D Printing him up. Still need to work on texturing the skin and adding in the fine detail. The gloves, boots, and shorts are mostly done except for a couple of things.

Here he is with some textures and a MatCap skin material.


Here he is with just the FastShader


Here is a close up of the gloves



Here is a close up of the boots with and without the laces


I used ZSpheres to do the laces. It gave me so much control to move them along the sculpt and then go back to refine the leather on the boots to make it look like they were pushing into the leather.

Long process though. :slight_smile: used the same technique on the gloves










This is looking great Paul! Love the details of the gloves, short and boots! I hope you will be posting some pictures of the 3D Print! :slight_smile:

Hey Paul, I havent seen your thread before. This is looking great! I especially love the shoes and the trouser. Youve clearly put a lot of time and work into this. First I was wondering how you did the laces. Then I scrolled down and saw the pics. Crazy. :slight_smile: Thats a great use of Zspheres. I also love the folds on the trouser. Very nicely done. Im looking forward to seeing the 3D print.

good work!


The boxer is really cool, the anatomy is ok and very nice shapes.
But, but, but, the laces is very impressive, totally awesome!
Very great use of the Zpheres, and the curve is complex, my compliments.
i can’t wait for final render.

my compliments