Pascal Blanché Works from 2018

Heya guys, so I guess it was about time I start to post something here right?
I’ve been working on Zbrush since… heck… since it was in its early stage I guess?
I’m more the 3dsMax type ( vray rendering all the way ) but I’ve started to implement Zbrush in my personal pipeline more and more for the last few years, to the point that it is now more 80% Zbrush, 20% 3dsmax. The last updates with Dynamesh really answered my needs, as I am really a fan of scratch building ( specially when it comes to robots and armors ).
Last Year I finally put all together my 10 years of personal work in one book: Derelict Planet that you can find on these links:
http://stuartngbooks.com/new-arrivals/blanche-derelict-planet.html and http://www.amazon.co.uk/Derelict-Planet-Pascal-Blanché/dp/2359470337. Even with the numerous illustrations I gathered through time I still needed to add a few 20 more in just five months and Zbrush really saved me tons of time. So here, a little sneak peek of my works from last year, some of them are even not in the book, hope you’ll like :wink:







Your work is great !!! I will check out your book!

I have known your stuff for years and years and its great to see you here!

My Hero!

I like your design:+1:

I’ve followed you for quite a long time on deviantart. Great to see you here. You’re definitely one of my fav artists.

Great work and style.

amazing work!!

Enfin sur zbruscentral!!! It’s great to have you here really beautiful as always!


Beautiful style and composition.

the signature super saturated colors pop out and grab my eyes. you’ve been my favorite 3d artist going back to the highwater days of raph dot com.

thanks guys! I’ll post more stuff in there this week, and some tricks about my color reworks too :wink:

Been a fan of your work for some time now Pascal - great to see it here on ZBC! :+1:

Great seeing you posting here! Awesome, as always! :+1:

…is coming ! :wink:

Top raw direct! :+1:

Unique style!!!
your works are all beautiful*****

just awesome !! :+1:

absolutely, Great, great work :+1:

been a big fan of your art works for a long time!:sunglasses:

Hi Pascal! I´ve been a fan of your work for quite some time. :slight_smile: